Chris Farrow

Upcoming Oracle & MS SQL CID Updates

Discussion created by Chris Farrow on Apr 17, 2012

The Qualys Policy compliance team has been doing some auditing on the quality of controls so that we can improve the results delivered to our Policy Compliance customers.  We have identified some areas for improvement, so starting on April 26th there will be a batch of Oracle controls & MS SQL controls that we are performing updates to. The changes are needed to enhance the consistency of our Oracle & MS SQL assessment results. The changes will happen over a period of 2-3 days.


The good news is that Qualys has been able to narrow the scope so that a minimum # of subscriptions are impacted re: Oracle or MS SQL. To be impacted, a subscription would actually need to have one of the affected CIDs implemented in a policy.   For  those customers that are impacted, you will get a notification that your policy had a control that was updated.  You will need to accept the change and save the policy.


Attached is a list of the impacted Oracle CIDs.  We will have the list of MS SQL CIDs posted shortly.




Chris Farrow