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Implementation of Qualys Virtual Appliance in Azure

Question asked by Robert Ouch on Mar 2, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2020 by Robert Ouch

Hi everyone,


I am having a hard time finding proper documentation or following the instructions as I think it is missing one essential step. One of the more specific documents I am following is How to configure a virtual scanner using various products and I get stuck at step 2 because I do not know how to get specifically to this prompt.


The instructions initially had me browse for an Azure Marketplace image for the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance and the VM is now running. This means the VM has booted up, but I have no clue on where I am supposed to get to this prompt and enter in my personalization code.


This VM is a Linux VM and I think an older RedHat distribution. I cannot directly view this since Azure does not have a virtual console. Am I supposed to input the host IP with a specific port to access it through Web UI? Please offer any tips on this as I have seemed to have exhausted all resources through Google for something I think is very basic and not included in Qualys documentation.