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Asset Inventory API get serial number

Question asked by Kathryn Amaral on Nov 14, 2018
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I am writing a python script to query the Qualys Asset API. We are using this to populate our CMDB.

In order to populate the CMDB, we need to get the Serial Number for as many hosts as possible. That way it can match existing records that are being populated by other systems (SCCM, Casper, PuppetDB, SolarWinds, etc).

We want to avoid using hostname to match existing records because that can change periodically.

I'm able to query the Asset API to get all hosts. However, there does not seem to be Serial Number available in the results. There is only hostname, OS, IP, etc. I have tried all variations of the details parameter including Basic, All, Basic/AGs and All/AGs.

Here is the endpoint I am using.


Please advise if it is possible to get serial number from the asset inventory. Thank you.