• Host Not Alive

    I did not see any posts on this topic recently so I thought things may have changed.   I have a general question about a vulnerability scanning result. We occasionally get scanning reports with our merchants tha...
    Jason Beaudoin
    created by Jason Beaudoin
  • merge files and produce report

    Looking for what folks are using to import files from Qualsys. Like to automate process and stop doing manual excel process. Does Qualsys have a program?
    john cox
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  • Qualys VM Error Message

    My security engineer is getting the following error. "error: Network error 05: QG SSL cert validation failed."  Qualys appliance fails to connect during the negotiation.We are not performing any SSL decryption. A...
    Victor Leung
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  • How does the Qualys SSL Labs “SSL Server Test” get through but not browsers and tracert??

    Hello, I am trying to bring up an Apache Windows server. The error.log shows the Apache version as etc. AH00455: Apache/2.4.23 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.0.2j configured -- resuming normal operations AH00456: Server built: Jul...
    Roger Dawson
    created by Roger Dawson
  • Need to tag a server with a QID using GROOVY

    I need to know the name of the field that contains the server 's name, I already have the QID piece....actually a complete list of all fields would be helpful for futher groovy scripting...
    Tom Fillmore
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  • Getting JSON unmarshal error when using the https://github.com/ssllabs/ssllabs-scan/ repo 

    I get a "JSON unmarshal error" whenever I try to use the sslabs-scan tool from github.  I am using version go1.7.1 darwin/amd6 GitHub - ssllabs/ssllabs-scan: A command-line reference-implementation client fo...
    Deadrick Lingo
    created by Deadrick Lingo
  • VM scanner in NAT mode

    does anybody tried the VM scanner in NAT mode ..   it worked for me but i saw a recommendation in the installation guide that it should be in a bridge mode to work properly   any idea is the nat mode limi...
    ayman shehata
    created by ayman shehata
  • How to graph count of SEV-x vulnerabilities by Tag?

    In AssetView, able to tag assets and run ad-hoc queries against them. But what I really need to do is to create a series of dashboards. The top-level dashboards looks like (something like this): <Count of servers (...
    David Gianna
    created by David Gianna
  • Transfer Asset Groups issue ?

    Hi QC Team,   What will happen if we will check/uncheck the option "Transfer asset groups" and "Transfer personal configurations" while changing the user current role in Qualys.   As I am little bit confus...
    Prakhar Goyal
    created by Prakhar Goyal
  • EOL/Obsolete Software: Oracle Database Detected

    we were getting on our scan this vulnerability :   ip address server name Solaris 9-11 EOL/Obsolete Software: Oracle Database Detected Active Vuln 5 there is no CVE or a...
    Max il
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  • Hello from Western Mass

    Hello all,  just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. We just moved form Beyond trust to the Qualys Cloud. Anyone have some best practive tips they would like to shre? Thanks --Jason
    Jason Shepard
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  • QSC 15 - slides and videos

    Do you have the slides from QSC15 online somewhere? What about videos of the presentations?
    Orson Kaili
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  • FTP, es usado por QualysGuard VM

    Buenas tardes compañeros de Qualys, actualmente la empresa donde trabajo es certificada PCI-DSS, y tenemos dos scanners virtuales.   En base a este hecho, nos percatamos que la solución QualysGuard V...
    Alfonso Martínez
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  • Does anyone know how to setup a scan on an unix user account to see if it is using default password?

    Does anyone know how to setup a scan on an Unix user account to see if it is using default password?
    Paul Nip
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  • Trace data based on search list

    Hello fellas, Is there a way to trace back a report template or a scan template based on a search list? I am about to clean up my search lists, but don't want to delete one that is still attached to a report or scan ...
    Landry Kouajiep
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  • Let us know how to scan hosts with dynamic ip allocation ?Is there any way other than giving complete subnet range

    Let us know how to scan hosts with dynamic ip allocation ?Is there any way other than giving complete subnet range
    Sudhakar Tadala
    created by Sudhakar Tadala
  • Why unix cisco authentication is working only on ssh and not in telnet.?

    scanning network devices i have noticed that authentication works only with all devices supporting ssh and for the Cisco devices supporting only telnet authentication failed.   is there any option that i have mi...
    created by adriatikb
  • Training in Boston on March 11th & 12th

    Hey neighbors, just a friendly reminder that we have training coming up in Boston: Mar 11: Vulnerability Management Mar 12: Policy Compliance and Web Application Scanning   You can sign up here: Training
    Parag Baxi
    created by Parag Baxi