• Microsoft Windows Server Registry Key Configuration Missing (ADV190013)

    Microsoft Windows Server Registry Key Configuration Missing (ADV190013)  my question is, we have this top vulnerability across our region (Microsoft Windows Server Registry Key Configuration Missing (ADV190013)&#...
  • End of Life(EOL) or End of Support(EOS) of sofware/Product

    Does qualys also provides information about the software/Product identified has reached its End of support (EOS) or End of life(EOL)? I know it basically  reports the outdated and vulnerable software/components/p...
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  • Unable to select Asset Group

    I have created some asset groups which I am unable to add while trying to pull any report or run/schedule any scan, I am able to add targets as IPs however when I try selecting the asset groups, nothing gets load...
    Sonam Gujral
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  • Use cases for Cloud Agent

    We are deploying cloud agent on endpoints. For this purpose we would like to know about the best use cases to achieve the VM, Patch Management and policy compliance. So that this will help us to create the best dashbo...
    Tarun Shrivastava
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  • How to get the software inventory from scanned hosts

    Guys, We have a requirement to pull out all the software that a scanned hosts contains. I used QID 90235 and configured a scan report to pull out the results, but the results aren't satisfactory since for some enviro...
    Ranjith Kumar
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  • Qulays Visibilty on Applications

    Hi Is it possible to get a list of applications which qulays supports?
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  • Where to start learning Qualys Queries for creating dashboards

    Hi Experts,   Kindly suggest where I can start to learn writing Qualys Queries. With the help of the Queries, I would like to create dashboards.  Any suggestions from where I can start? I'm trying to write ...
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  • Can someone please answer for this query

    CODE>2012</CODE> <TEXT>User API license is expired.</TEXT>   I'm receiving this error whenever tried to execute the curl command to get the asset group list. Here is the curl command :&...
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  • Can i get the VM module API pricing list

    Can i get the VM module API pricing list ? Do we have api for VM module ?
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  • Is there any authentication steps for HP iLo hosted on Linux server?

    I was trying to scan servers in Qualys. From initial scan, the OS is showing HP iLO. But there was no information about authentication. Generally in Qualys, it either show authentication not attempted or authenticatio...
    Arijit Dey
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  • Download Recipient list from Scheduled scans

    Hello,   Is there a way to download the list of recipients listed in the Notification Section of scheduled scan jobs using Qualys API?   Thank you.   Kaushik
    Kaushik Krishnan
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  • Error: Exit code=110

    Error: Exit code=110
    Narasimhan Sundararajan
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  • Will authenticated scans be able to find backported versions of programs?

    Will authenticated scans be able to find backported versions of programs?
    Kalaiyarasi Nataraj
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  • How to penetration testing in Qualys?

    I had prefer qualys free scan but i didn't found any option for penetration testing  I have only option as  Vulnerabilities, OWASP Security Risks, and Malware audits. 
    VIkram Jagtap
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  • Creating rules

    Hi eschamp,   What is rule ? Could do please help me for creating rules in vulnerability assessment ?   Thanks in advance...
    Mahesh Aknur
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  • Qualys Scanners

    Would like to have some definition related to qualys scanners. Like what exactly it ? How is sit working ? etc... 
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  • How can we generate a report that contains "IP","Appliance used to scan","Asset Group" "Last scan date"  ?

    We would like to find the appliance used for scanning in the past for a particular asset.
    Chandra Sekhar
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  • How to deal with "No CVE ID" in Qualys Scan Results?

    Why there are no CVE ID's provided by Qualys Scan Result for various vulnerabilities such as HTTP Security Header, SSL/TLS Server supports TLSv1.0, etc.? It is very difficult to remediate these vulnerabilities a...
    Shrikant Bhade
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  • Query related to access of templates in Qualys

    Hi All,   I have a query related to the access of the templates I created in my Qualys console.   Suppose, if my Qualys account is disabled or deleted because I left the company then in that case I want to...
    Ashish Sharma
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  • Hot to fix "HTTP Security Header Not Detected" vulnerability on HP iLO & HP3PAR devices?

    Vulnerability Details: 1) Title: HTTP Security Header Not Detected 2) OS: HP iLO & HP3PAR 3) Port: 443 4) Result: X-XSS-Protection HTTP Header missing on port 443. GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: X.X.X.X Connection: Kee...
    Shrikant Bhade
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