Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD: TCP SACK PANIC - Kernel Vulnerabilities - CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 & CVE-2019-11479

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This page contains information to create a TCP SACK TCP SACK PANIC - Kernel vulnerabilities - CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 & CVE-2019-11479 VM Dashboard leveraging data in your Qualys Vulnerability Management subscription. The JSON file to import this dashboard into your subscription is available at the bottom of this post.


The widgets in this dashboard are based on the following base query:  

vulnerabilities.vulnerability:(cveIds:CVE-2019-11477 OR cveIds:CVE-2019-11478 OR cveIds:CVE-2019-11479)


New  This dashboard employs the latest update to the VM dashboard, the widget builder "Exclude Vulnerabilities" filters to suppress Information [Gathered], Fixed, Disabled and Ignored from the query results, should you choose to do so.

Consider the possibilities for this dashboard.  It could be updated to report by patchable vs. configuration (vulnerabilities.vulnerability.patchAvailable:TRUE/FALSE).  For examples of widgets using these tokens, please visit Dashboard Toolbox - Top 10 Vulnerabilities Scorecard BETA.


Demonstration Image:



As I have noted in a related postI would love your feedback and any ideas you might have about how you chose to implement this dashboard in your environment. 


Please keep in mind, the dashboards shared on the community are meant to demonstrate what is possible within the tool, to get those creative juices flowing.  Once downloaded and then imported into your subscription, you are free to make any updates you wish.  You are only limited by your time and imagination. 


Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback and to share how you have chosen to leverage the dashboards to fit your use case(s), please share!


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