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This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get an instant view into different KPIs for your Cloud Agent Deployments.


Quick dashboarding and views to key indicators assist and prioritize your cloud agent deployments and management of them. 

This will enable you to have better visibility into your Cloud Agent Management. #VisualizeDataNotCSVs  #AgentStackConsolidation



Monitor Agents for:

  1. Not checked in at an X interval period of time 
  2. Errors. 
  3. Pending Activations
  4. Config-Profile Assignment
  5. Agent Version Rollout 
  6. See Clearly the agent counts in Public Cloud Vs On-Premium Assets.

  7. Clearly, identify assets that have not checked in for more than 30Days.

  8. Last Activity - the timestamp of agent activity for manifest download, configuration profile download, agent upgrade installer download (if enabled), and inventory scan upload

  9. Last Checked In - the timestamp of all activity from Last Activity plus vulnerability management and policy compliance scan uploads


How do you configure the dashboard? 

The dashboard needs to be imported into your account from the ZIP file attached: See how to import below. 
The dashboard is only a starting point, and it all customizable to fit your needs as per your timeframes as you decide to modify the widgets. 


Benefits of Cloud Agent


How can Qualys Cloud Agent help you to quickly detect and remediate all in one single solution?  #AgentStackConsolidation


The benefits of the Qualys Cloud Agent over Authenticated Scanning:

  • Continuously monitor assets for the latest Operating System, Application, and Certificate vulnerabilities

  • Track missing critical patches on each device in real time

  • Patch and remediate systems no matter where they reside in the world with our new revolutionary Qualys Patch Management 
  • No credential / Authentication record management or complex firewall profiles needed—only requires outbound encrypted communications over a single port to the Qualys Cloud Platform

  • Combine network scans with Cloud Agents for devices where it is not practical to install agents—firewalls, routers, etc.


Qualys Cloud Agents brings the new age of continuous monitoring capabilities to your Vulnerability Management program. This eliminates the need for establishing scanning windows, managing credential manually or integrations with credential vaults for systems, as well as the need to actually know where a particular asset resides. "Consolidate your security stack with the Qualys Cloud Agent!" #AgentStackConsolidation


Dashboard Demonstration Images: New


How to Enable Trending on the widgets:

Open the desired widget in edit mode and select the Collect trend data check box.



Qualys - Training Videos:

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Looking for additional Qualys Documentation use the Resource link in the Qualys Portal (Help > Resources)


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WARNING: Read Before Downloading

Dashboard and Widget JSON files are not interchangeable between application dashboards. AssetView JSON files may only be used in AssetView and Vulnerability Management JSON files may only be used in Vulnerability Management. If you make a mistake and import a JSON file from one application into the other, you must contact Qualys Support to have the error corrected in the database for your subscription. Again, there is no way to reverse this mistake within the UI, it must be done in the database.



fjimenez This page contains information to create a Scorecard dashboard leveraging data in your Qualys Vulnerability Management subscription. This dashboard is part of AssetView Dashboard Program. If you have any questions regarding the content, please comment below or Contact Support - Technical Assistance Inquiry Form | Qualys, Inc.


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