Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD: Per Year Environment View (v1.0)

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fjimenez This page contains information to create a Scorecard dashboard leveraging the Vulnerability Management Beta Dashboard interface and data in your Qualys Vulnerability Management subscription.  

This dashboard is part of Vulnerability Management Beta Dashboard Program, If you have any questions regarding the content, please comment below or Contact Support - Technical Assistance Inquiry Form | Qualys, Inc.

This Vulnerability Management Dashboard will display data, per year based on First Found date, followed by Vuln-Status, Severity, Compliance, RTIs, Vuln-Published Dates.  Get a quick, easy glance to KPIs for across your environment.



Dashboard Demonstration Images: * * * New * * *


1ST-FOUND: JAN - DEC 2019  |  Shows Vulnerabilities by first found and status from Jan-2019 --> DEC 2019

1ST-FOUND-PCI: 2019  |  Shows Vulnerabilities by first found, status and PCI only from Jan-2019 --> DEC 2019

RTI-EASYEXPLOIT & PATCH 9  |  Shows Vulnerabilities by first found, severity, easy exploit, patch available from Jan-2019 --> DEC 2019

PUBLISHED: JAN - DEC 2019  |  Shows Vulnerabilities by Published year and status from Jan-2019 --> DEC 2019


* The Pre-built Dashboard JSON file can be found attached below ready for download & import into your Qualys subscription *



Pre-Requisite for RTI Widgets (RTI - Real-Time Threat Indicator)

A widget with a title that contains RTI (Real-Time Threat Indicator) requires Threat Protection to be available in your subscription (Purchased or Active in Trial mode)


How to Enable Trending on the widgets:

Open the desired widget in edit mode, by selecting the 3 lines on the top right of the widget,

and clicking on the Configure Widget. Then select the Collect trend data check box.



More to Come ...




Looking for additional Qualys Documentation use the Resource link in the Qualys Portal (Help > Resources)


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* * * WARNING: Read Before Downloading * * *

At this time, Dashboard and Widget JSON files are not interchangeable between application dashboards, meaning Vulnerability Management Beta Dashboard JSON files may only be used in VM Dashboard and AssetView JSON files may only be used in AssetView. If you make a mistake and import a JSON file from one application into the other, you must contact Qualys Supportto have the error corrected in the database for your subscription. 

Again, there is no way to reverse this mistake within the UI, it must be done in the database.