Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD BETA: How to Create a Query to Track Microsoft Windows Security Update Monthly Patch Release Risk

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User Case: Customer would like to create a widget to show the number of assets that are missing the monthly windows security update patch for each month. The only way we can see how to do this is by entering the QID but then we would have to manually edit this each month. 

Recommended Solution: The results returned by the query above include unpatched risk for a given monthly patch release for each of the 12-months in a given year.   

I prepared this query in response to a customer inquiry and I could see where others might also find the theory behind the query applicable to other software, vendor and patches.


Option 1:

vulnerabilities.vulnerability.title:Microsoft Windows Security Update 2018 and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.vendors.vendorName:microsoft and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.vendors.productName:windows and vulnerabilities.status:[NEW,ACTIVE,REOPENED]




Option 2:

vulnerabilities.vulnerability.title:Microsoft Windows Security Update January and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.vendors.vendorName:microsoft and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.vendors.productName:windows and vulnerabilities.status:[NEW,ACTIVE,REOPENED]


The query above would make it possible to create a single dashboard, with 12 widgets (one for each month of the year) and the dashboard would never require maintenance!  How cool is that?




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