Reporting Toolbox: Mean Time To Remediation (Basic)

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Please find attached a zip file which contains a Microsft Excel worksheet that demonstrates how to generate a batch report, to csv output, and calculate a basic Mean Time to Remediation by selection only FIXED vulnerabilities and apply a formula LastDetected - First Detected.


This method demonstrated in this example can also be applied to open items, to provide "age" for an unremediated vulnerability by generating a batch report that selects NEW, ACTIVE, REOPENED vulnerabilities and apply the same formula  LastDetected - First Detected.


One can expand on your formula to account for special handling for REOPENED vulnerabilities factoring in additional date parameters from those Qualys stores:


First DetectedLast Detected

Times Detected

Date Last Fixed

First Reopened

Last Reopened

Times Reopened


In the zipped XLS is a tab labelled "Scan_Report_Fixed_Confirmed_Rep"  that includes the calculation formulas in columns A and B.


For more information on Microsoft Excel Formulas, you may wish to visit: 


This report is meant to demonstrate the possibilities and to get your creative juices flowing. 


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