WAS Engine 6.0 Released

Document created by Dave Ferguson Employee on Sep 6, 2018
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Today we are releasing Qualys WAS Engine 6.0 to all Qualys platforms including private cloud platforms.  This is a milestone release that includes an upgrade of the browser engine used internally by WAS.  The updated browser engine will result in improved crawling and testing coverage for modern web applications that use certain new features of JavaScript and HTML.


Some of the improvements in Engine 6.0 include:


  • Enhanced support for ECMA Script 6 (ES6)
  • Enhanced support for CSS3
  • Enhanced support for HTML5 features including local storage, geolocation, WebSocket, and XMLHttpRequest
  • Better support for Content Security Policy (CSP) levels 2 and 3
  • Support for client-side certificate authentication with certificate chain
  • Support for WebGL


With the changes, it's entirely possible that you will see differences in your scan results.  The number of links crawled and/or AJAX links may increase.  Scan times may also increase due to the improved crawling (more links and requests crawled mean more tests performed). 


In rare cases, Selenium scripts that played back successfully in the older scan engine may stop working in Engine 6.0 due to differences in the way the web pages are rendered.  Simply re-record your script using Qualys Browser Recorder in that case and re-upload it.


If you encounter any issues in your WAS scans, please open a case with Qualys Support by selecting Help--Contact Support while logged into the platform.

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