Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD BETA: [Tags.Name] Confirmed Sev 3- 5 Excl NRK 90D

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07/12/2018 - Attached a new json zip file.


This page contains information to create a [Tags.Name] Confirmed Sev 3- 5 Excl NRK 90D BETA dashboard leveraging data in your Qualys Vulnerability Management subscription.  

This dashboard is part of the New VM Dashboard Beta program, is not intended for production use, and subject to modification without notice.  If you have any questions regarding the content, please comment below or Contact Support - Technical Assistance Inquiry Form | Qualys, Inc.


This dashboard queries the vulnerability data results for a given tag, returning only confirmed vulnerabilities, severity 3 thru 5, detected within the last 90 days while excluding any vulnerabilities reported on a Non-Running Kernel.


Important:  In this dashboard json download, each widget is configured using tags.name:`PB - Asset updated` which must be edited to contain the tags.name value of your choice. All of widgets will need to be edited contain the same tags.name value. 


Important: If all of the widgets are coded to search the same tags.name, you may use the tag icon (see image below) to change the tag data being displayed.  For example:  If all of the widgets are configured to display data for tags.name:`PB - Asset updated` and then you choose to click the  and choose a different tag, the content of the dashboard widgets will update to show the data for the tag chosen.


There is a known issue within the beta about the tag icon function not working properly for everyone.  This is the role of BETA in the product development cycle as is your continued feedback and support.


Workaround for Tag Issue New


While tags is buggy in the dashboard, the new vulnerability management dashboard search function is quite functional.  If you create a query that has the most value for your use case, apply it in the search function, you can leverage the left side navigation bar Tags function to whittle down the results.  The great thing is, there is always more than one way to find the information you are looking for and once the export function is made available (scheduled for GA release), we'll really be cooking with gas!





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