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Question:  How do I export a widget to a json file?

Answer:  Exporting a widget to a json file can be completed in five (5) mouse clicks:


  1. Mouse over the widget to be exported. An icon will appear in the top right corner. Click this icon.
  2. Select 'Export this Widget' from the drop-down menu
  3. OPTIONAL:  Choose whether or not you prefer to 'Hide Sensitive Information'
  4. Qualys will default to the widget_name_widget.json for your export file.  You may overtype the filename, if desired.
  5. Click 'Export'





Importing Dashboard and Widget JSON files - Enable historical data collection


When you export dashboard(s) and/or widget(s) that have "Enable historical data collection" turned on, and then import them later, you will have to manually "Enable historical data collection" following your import.  This is by design.  The action of turning on this feature starts the clock for data retention.


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