How Do I Export Comments from Remediation Tickets ?

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Q. Is it possible to export or extract the comments under the Remediation Tickets in any way? On the example below, I'd like to generate a Remediation report for "Tickets per Vulnerability" report and I'd like to include the comment that was added to the ticket.


So basically when I run the Remediation Report - Tickets per vulnerability I would be able to have something like the below



Is this possible through the API? If it is not possible through the portal or API what is the process for submitted a features request and how long will it take?.


A: I am in the habit of testing API calls with cuRL.  You can also use Postman


I have attached a sample file that was created and tested leveraging APIv1 ticket_list.php:


curl -u "USERNAME:PASSWORD" -H "X-Requested-With: Curl” -X "GET" ",4,5&overdue=0&show_vuln_details=1" > C:\Users\Qualys\Downloads\API_Tests\17788.xml


Once the file was created, I import it into excel.


For additional detail on how to build an API query that best suits your needs, please reference Qualys Documentation > APIv1 User Guide starting at page 148 and the DTD on page 310 for additional parameters.


If you have any questions specific to your subscription, I recommend reaching out to your TAM for support and direction.



So that you are informed, I recommend first visiting and reading Qualys Documentation > API Limits and then contacting your TAM to find out the details of your subscription.


Q: Are you able to provide us with the .xsd file that you used to produce the results or the script you used to import the .xml file into excel?


A: I edited the XML file removing all text and spaces before and up to <REMEDIATION_TICKETS> and saved the file.  Then I right clicked on the XML file and opened with excel.





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