Export Qualys Users Permissions to CSV

Document created by Busby on Jan 10, 2018
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The following attached code was done in response to a post on the community.


Download the Get-Qualys-Users.ps1


Powershell utility to get the users from Qualys with Permissions.


Example Usage: .\Get-Qualys-Users.ps1 -qualysuserid REDACTED -qualyspwd REDACTED -debugmsgs $false | Export-csv testing.csv -NoTypeInformation


Should be pretty obvious.  But the code takes the userid and password provided and does an encoding and then calls Qualys where it downloads the lists of users for the account providing the account has permissions in Qualys.  The raw data is downloaded as XML but then I parse it back to Powershell Objects which is all I really return.  By doing a PIPE (|) to the export-csv all the objects are pushed through this where it is converted to CSV and then written to the file testing.csv


I hope you find it useful and if you have questions please let me know.  The debugmsgs parameter is by default $true in case you want to see a lot of messages.  If you want to change the default to false open the script and locate the parameter at the top and change the value from $true to $false and then it will not be needed on the command line.


I hope this is useful.

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