Firefox ESR and Selenium IDE

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23-APR-2018 UPDATE

Qualys Browser Recorder - a Chrome extension - is now available from the Chrome Web Store.  Qualys Browser Recorder (QBR) takes the place of Selenium IDE for Qualys WAS customers.  Just like Selenium IDE previously, QBR allows you to record authentication and other workflows within your web application and save the script for uploading into WAS.  It uses the same file format, so existing Selenium scripts should load and play in QBR.  Please do not use Selenium IDE version 3 or greater, because it uses a different file format that is incompatible with WAS.  QBR is not available for Firefox at this time. 


28-FEB-2018 UPDATE:

Firefox ESR is not going to be moved off of the Firefox 52 codebase until May 2018 (see  Therefore, Selenium IDE can continue to be used with Firefox ESR until then.  Chrome Web Store 



As you may know, the Selenium IDE browser extension stopped working when Firefox 55 was released.  This has been a problem for Qualys WAS customers who are trying to create Selenium scripts for authentication and/or crawling.  One workaround is to use Firefox 54.0.1 and avoid updating Firefox, but some customers have reported that this isn't feasible because their Firefox instances are automatically updated via normal corporate IT processes.


A better alternative is to use Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).  Mozilla's Firefox ESR is currently based on Firefox 52 and so Selenium IDE works fine with it.  The good news is that Firefox ESR will remain on the Firefox 52 codebase for the next 6 months or so.  It won't be updated to the Firefox 59 codebase until about March 2018.


As of today, the current version of Firefox ESR for the Windows/32-bit flavor is 52.3.0, as shown below.  Notice the message says "Firefox is up to date" (screen shot taken 18-Sep-2017).


Current Firefox ESR (32-bit) on Windows


Note you won't be able to run the latest and greatest version of Firefox on the same machine if you have Firefox ESR.  However, Firefox ESR shouldn't get automatically updated to a version that's incompatible with Selenium IDE (until March 2018 anyway).  It may get updated with security fixes earlier than March 2018, but that's no issue and is actually a good thing.


If you decide to use Firefox ESR, it's recommended to first uninstall your current version of Firefox.  This may or may not be necessary, but it's often best to start with a clean slate.  Next download and install the exact flavor you need from the Mozilla Firefox ESR download page.


After you've installed Firefox ESR, install the Selenium IDE extension by opening the following link:  Using this direct link to the .xpi file is required because the regular Selenium IDE add-on page incorrectly says "this add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox" and won't let you install it.


Now you are ready to record and play back your scripts in Selenium IDE.



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