Unbinding a Physical Scanner Appliance from Qualys

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There may be, on occasion, a need to unbind your physical scanner appliance from your Qualys Vulnerability Management account.  These reasons include moving a scanner from one subscription to another or replacing an RMA'd appliance. (Please note that each scanner appliance is uniquely imaged to connect to only one Qualys platform at a time. Moving appliances to another subscription on another platform would involved an RMA of the impacted appliances, as the platform image cannot be altered remotely. For more information, see Identify your Qualys platform.


If you require a scanner to be unbound a request must be made to Qualys support, in writing, by a manager in the subscription to support@qualys.com.  Please be sure to specify the serial number of the appliance and the user name of the person requesting the unbind.  To expedite the process, note in the email that you are aware that all settings in the physical appliance will be deleted and reset once it has been unbound.  If the scanner appliance being unbound is being replaced by a different scanner appliance it is highly recommended that you follow the "Replace Scanner Appliance" process outlined on page 46 of the Qualys Rollout Guide at https://www.qualys.com/docs/version/8.4/qualys-rollout-guide.pdf.


Please note the following:

  • This process does not pertain to virtual scanner appliances.
  • Physical scanner appliances returned to Qualys will be unbound, by default, upon arrival.
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