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Here's where you'll find everything you need to know on using Qualys Cloud Platform with Amazon Web Services.


 AWS EC2 Connectors are upgraded to support 3rd party cross account role (ARN). See Configuring AWS EC2 Connectors with Cross-Account Role Authentication (ARN).


Tell me about my options

We recommend you check out Qualys Solutions for Amazon Web Services. Qualys gives you a couple different solutions for extending your use of Qualys Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services infrastructure:


Qualys AWS EC2 Connectors

  • Collect inventory information about your EC2 instances under your AWS account.
  • Helps you to identify what are you securing vs. what you are not
  • Pre-requisite for Pre-authorized scanning
  • Provides valuable metadata about the Instance State and also EC2 Tags information.
  • NOW supports creation using 3rd party access role (ARN). For more look for information here.


Qualys  EC2 API-enabled solution (Pre-Authorized Scanner Appliances)

  • Automated Amazon inventory discovery with native Qualys Connector for Amazon EC2 API
  • Pre-Authorized Scanning of Amazon EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC instances using the EC2 Scan workflow in Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance


Qualys Standard solution

  • Internal scanning of Amazon EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC instances using a Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance deployed on Amazon EC2-Classic or EC2-VPC
  • Perimeter scanning of Amazon EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC instances using Qualys Cloud Scanners


Qualys Cloud Agents

  • Deploy the agents directly on the compute engine instances 
  • Embed agents into the AMIs, so any new instance instantiated will automatically launch the Qualys Agent with it ( Learn more - Amazon Machine Image User Guide)


AWS EC2 Dashboard

Gain total visibility into the inventory and security posture of your AWS EC2 instances across accounts.

AWS EC2 Inventory and Security Dashboard 


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