How to add IPs to your subscription

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This article describes how to add IP addresses (also referred to as hosts and host assets) to your QualysGuard subscription.


Step 1: Go to the Host Assets list

Go to Assets > Host Assets. From the New menu, select IP Tracked Hosts, DNS Tracked Hosts or NetBIOS Tracked Hosts. The tracking method you choose will be assigned to all of the hosts being added.


What is the tracking method?

The tracking method determines how the hosts will be listed in scan reports. Hosts assigned a tracking method of IP address will be listed in numerical order by IP address. Hosts assigned a tracking method of DNS hostname or NetBIOS hostname will be listed in alphabetical order by hostname. The tracking method does not affect scan results which are always sorted by IP address.




Step 2: Review the number of hosts you can add

The first thing you'll see in the New Hosts window is the number of IPs purchased and the number of IPs already in your subscription. This lets you know how many more IPs you can add.




If the New IP Limit feature is enabled and in use, then you can only add new IPs up to the limit displayed (see an example below). This feature allows Managers to grant Unit Managers permission to add assets while controlling the number of new IPs that Unit Managers can add. To enable this feature, go to Users > Setup > Business Units. Once enabled, new IP limits may be set for individual business units.




Step 3: Enter the new IP addresses

Click Host IPs on the left side. Then enter IP addresses in the field provided. Separate each IP or range with one of the following: comma, semi-colon, space, carriage return or tab.


Want to also add the hosts to PC?

If Policy Compliance (PC) is enabled for your subscription then you'll see an additional option that lets you add the new IPs to the PC module. You must add IPs to the PC module if you want to make them available for policy compliance tasks in addition to the vulnerability management tasks. To do so, simply click the "Add to Policy Compliance Module" check box.




Step 4: Assign host attributes (optional)

Click Host Attributes on the left side. Select the check box next to each host attribute you want to define. Then enter a value in the field provided or select from the available drop-down menu. These settings will apply to all hosts being added.




Step 5: Click Add

When you're done entering IPs and setting host attributes, click Add.


Step 6: Click OK

When the confirmation window appears, click OK.




Notes for Unit Managers:

Permission to add hosts: You must be granted permission to add hosts. You can add IPs to the VM application if you have the extended permission "Add assets". You can add IPs to the PC application if you have both the "Add assets" permission AND the "Manage compliance" permission.


Add hosts to an asset group: You must add the new IPs to an asset group assigned to your business unit. Select Add To on the left side, and then choose an asset group from the Assigned Groups menu. Once added, new IPs are available in your business unit. New IPs are also available to Managers for inclusion in other business units and asset groups.


Overwriting host attributes: Keep in mind that the hosts you're adding may already be in the subscription (even though you don't see them in your business unit). If you define host attributes, then your values will overwrite any previously set values for the hosts.

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