QID 120225 - Detection Explained

Document created by Patric Fox on Aug 23, 2012
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We have received a few requests from customers asking how we detect QID120225 on Solaris hosts.

QID120225 was created for the Solaris Patch 119757-22 (CVE-2012-1182)


The patch 119757-22 download indicates that the following packages are updated during installation:

SUNWsfman, SUNWsmbac, SUNWsmbas, SUNWsmbau, SUNWsmbar

Our detection for this QID looks for each of these packages and checks to see if Patch 119757-22 is present.  If one of these packages is present on the host and the patch is NOT present, we will flag this vulnerability on the host as this package should be updated with the patch.