How do I set up a Ticket Notification Engine (TNE) on a Windows server?

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How do I set up a Ticket Notification Engine (TNE) on a Windows server?




The following instructions will guide you through setting up the TNE on Windows.  To learn more about the TNE, within your QualysGuard user interface, please navigate to the this page for more information.


Installing TNE on Windows

Version:  July 20th, 2010

Author: Qualys Technical Support




1. Download and install ActivePerl:




2. Calculate the checksum for the package, as described in the following article:




3. Download and extract


A tool like 7-zip will unzip and unpack tars, rpms, etc.


4. Extract the files into the same directory structure (keep extracting until you get a folder).


For anyone not familiar with unpacking unix files on windows, this process will create a directory tree with additional archives/packages inside.  You must recursively expand everything until the final directory is extracted with files and no more archives.


5. Move the user/* directory tree to the root of your C drive.




7. In the shell:


cd C:\usr\local\qualys\tne\bin


when promted, select Y for everything


8. In the C:\usr\local\qualys\tne\ directory:


rename the “conf_tne” to “conf”


Change the directory reference in the


9. Set all the values in the tne.conf properly.


            The most important values to set initially are the email addresses and the mail servers.

            These are necessary for testing.


10. Once an email is received, INCLUDING an error message, then the script support is installed properly.


11. Any unexpected results past this point are ALL configuration related see: TNE.CONF.



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