Customer Service FAQ

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Customer Service

How do I obtain an account to log into QualysGuard?

Your Technical account manager (TAM) would be correct contact to obtain this information. Your TAM will provide a user per the product you are requesting to evaluate.



How do I purchase/evaluate additional products?

Please contact your Technical Account manager to purchase/evaluate additional items such as:


  • Pay Per Scans
  • Additional Scanner Appliances
  • Additional IPS
  • Additional features within QualysGuard



I cannot access my QualysGuard Account?

If you are the Primary administer on the QualysGuard account. There are two methods that a QualysGuard Support Engineer can assist.


  • Reset Password
          - A QualysGuard Engineer can reset a password on account ONLY if a subaccount exists within a subscription. Once the password on the primary account is reset, the login credentials will only be sent over once a subaccount from the subscription logs in to authenticate the account.
  • Change password
          - If there are NO subaccounts that exist on the primary subscription, the only option that we can perform is a  full password change across the account. The change password option on the account will result in a loss of access to your exisiting (saved) scan reports and vulnerability data since these are encrytpted using your password. Before this action is initiated, a Customer Support Representative must first obtain identity verification by phone as well as send a disclaimer email advising of password change results prior to the action being completed.


If your account had been created within the Primary subscription of your organization, the only way you can have your password reset if to contact the Primary administrator the QualysGuard subscription. Support CANNOT assist you as we cannot edit any user/subaccount created within a subscription



How can I test for additional features within QualysGuard?

If you are interested in evaluating any other products Qualys has to offer, please contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM).



How can I extend my account? It expires soon...

Please contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to have your account extended. Support cannot extend an account without the involvement of your account manager.




Who can I contact for international shipping problems?

Please contact Customer Service for any shipping issues you may experience. This includes:


  • Lost Packages
  • Tracking information
  • Customs Clearance Issues



I have a scanner appliance I no longer need?

If you have a scanner appliance you no longer use or need, you can ship the scanner appliance to the following address:


          Qualys Customer Service
          919 E Hillsdale Blvd, 4th Floor
          Foster City, CA 94404
          United States


If you cannot ship the scanner appliance please contact Customer Service so we may assist you with the return.



Scanner Appliance

I am missing hardware from the Scanner appliance hardware kit.

Please contact Customer Service for the replacement of any missing items on the hardware kit.



How do I remove a scanner appliance from my subscription?

Scanner appliances that are bound to an existing subscription that need to be unbound for reuse or account management can be removed by contacting Support.


If you wish to remove a scanner appliance that was RMA'd as a faulty unit, the Qualys Hardware team must perform is post analysis to troubleshoot the issue of the faulty device. Once that has been completed the scanner appliance will be removed from your account.



My scanner appliance won’t boot up?

Please contact Technical Support to have the unit scheduled for replacement.