How do scans affect machine performance?

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How do scans affect machine performance?



All vulnerability tests performed by QualysGuard are non-intrusive in design, architecture and implementation. Their objective is to assess a target system with no impact on its operation or functions to determine if vulnerabilities exist. While each vulnerability test is non-intrusive, a combination of tests run in parallel can have an overall effect on network performance.


QualysGuard provides user-definable options for how and when the tests are run. You can control the service to have more or less impact based on a performance level settings for the scan, and you can elect to run a scan during times of less usage.


Changing Performance Settings

- Navigate to Tools > Options Profiles.

- Add a new profile or edit an existing profile.

- To add a new profile, go to New > Option Profile.

- To edit an existing profile, click the Edit button to the left of an existing profile.

- An "Option Profile" window will pop-up.

- Under the Performance section, click Configure. You may select a pre-defined setting or create a custom one.

- Click OK.

- Click Save.


When you apply the option profile to a scan, the performance level setting is used. (NOTE: Changing Performance Settings should be reviewed with Qualys Support before making the changes.)


Scheduled Scan

You can schedule scans to run at a time when host usage is minimal.


- Navigate to QualysGuard > Schedule.

- Edit an existing schedule or create a new one.

- To add a new schedule, go to New > Schedule Scan.

- To edit an existing profile, click the Edit button to the left of an existing schedule.

- Create a scheduled scan for the time and duration needed.


If it can be established with certainty that the scan is dramatically affecting machine performance, even when the scan settings are adjusted for the most conservative usage (after multiple attempts to scan the device), please contact Qualys Support.



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