Bandwidth Utilization during Scanning

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What impact will QualysGuard have on my network during a scan?





QualysGuard is designed to minimize both the audit time as well as the network bandwidth it uses. Thus, its impact on network traffic load is minimal. In addition, if QualysGuard detects that the target host or network performance deteriorates during a scan, QualysGuard will adapt dynamically and reduce the scan speed.


QualysGuard applies a performance level to each scan, as set in the option profile applied to the task. The performance level determines the number of hosts to scan in parallel, the number of processes to run in parallel against each host, and the delay between groups of packets sent to each host. The pre-defined Normal performance level is recommended as best practice and is enabled in a new subscription by default. You may edit an option profile to change to another service-defined level or a custom level.


To edit the performance level in an option profile:


1. Select VM, go to Scans > Option Profiles and then edit a profile in your account.


2. On the Scan tab, under Performance click Configure.


3. Make the desired change.


4. Click OK.


**We strongly recommend that you review the changes you would like to make with your account manager, or directly with Support, as these changes might affect your scanner appliance.


QualysGuard closely monitors the time-response (through RTT, response-time tests) and dynamically adjusts the load according to the selected setting. Furthermore, QualysGuard will only run the vulnerability checks appropriate to the type of machine scanned (for example, no test specific to Windows operating systems will be run against a Linux machine).




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