• Query Assistance

    I am trying to write a query that will provide me with the following information;   Number of confirmed sev 4 and 5 vulnerabilities related to OS older than 30 days   I have looked at several dashboard exa...
    Robert Green
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD BETA: Microsoft 2020 Patch Tuesday (QID Based) VM Dashboard

    Content Added Monthly - Check Back for Updates Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD BETA: Microsoft 2020 Patch Tuesday (QID Based) VM Dashboard  This page contains information to create a Microsoft 2020 Patch Tuesda...
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  • ColdFusion detection false positive?

    Anyone ever experience false positive detections for Adobe ColdFusion 2016?   I have rarely experienced any false positives from Qualys in the few years i have used it, so I'm struggling to accept that it m...
    Nicholas Sveen
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  • Deploying Qualys Cloud Agents from Microsoft Azure Security Center

    This document describes how to install Qualys Cloud Agents (Windows and Linux) for Azure instances from the Azure Security Center console and view vulnerability assessment findings within Azure Security Center and you...
    Hari Srinivasan
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  • QRDI troubleshooting

    I'm working on a QRDI to pull the favicon from a detected web page (useful for identifying device types/manufacturers). The logic behind this QRDI is that it'll first look at the default web page (GET /) and see if th...
    Matthew Verive
    created by Matthew Verive
  • Dashboard Toolbox - New Vulnerability Management (VM) Dashboard BETA

    The New Vulnerability Management (VM) Dashboard BETA program is not intended for production use, and its content is subject to modification without notice.  If you have any questions regarding its conte...
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  • LogRhythm and Qualys integration

    Hi. I want to Intergrate LogRhythm and Qualys. Can some help on how to do it. I got the documentation of the integration already. All I need now is what to do on the actual integration. A video knowledge base would he...
    Chester Chirenje
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  • WAS multiple targets - scan until completion

    I am looking for suggestion or workflow idea as I seem to be struggling to run multiple site scan.   I schedule scan of 3 Web applications (progressive, 10 daily occurrences, scan window 22-8). I want to make su...
    Tom S
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  • Detect default credentials on web management for network/system devices

    I would like to check if any web interfaces for network/system devices (servers, routers, switches, printers) are using default vendor passwords ?   In VM module, we can run brute-force, but that doesn't check w...
    ukki ikku
    created by ukki ikku
  • Types of Scanner & Lumeta Spectre

    Hi All,   I'm currently trying to integrate our Qualys subscription with Lumeta and having a number of issues:   1. Lumeta are asking for Qualys Scanner and Qualys Detection Scanner details. Are these not ...
    Chris Jones
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  • Map scanning problems

    Hello all, just new in the fórum, I try to create a map scanning for internal networks, and I have create a Group with the IP for each device, and include them in the none domain, but it continue tell me: ...
    Gracia Villamayor
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  • Cisco addressed critical flaws in Cisco Data Center Network ManagerSecurity Affairs

    Can I assume that CVE-2019-1619, CVE-2019-1620, CVE-2019-1621 are currently under development for a QID? https://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/87672/security/cisco-data-center-network-manager-flaws.html
    Hermann ACAFFOU
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  • Can you group assets via location in Qualys?

    I need to run Qualys compliance reports against a number of offices to see how compliant those offices are when it comes to patching.   Is it possible to group assets in Qualys via location? Is doing this via th...
    Nick Doyle
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  • Qualys scans for AWS RDS Oracle

    Is it possible to run Qualys Scan against our AWS RDS Oracle databases? Are there any limitations? Can Qualys work directly with CyberArk, a password store to retrieve passwords for database authentication
    stuart king
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  • Integrate Qualys with BeyondTrust (password safe)

    Good day, Does anyone know if there is a Qualys integration guide with BeyondTrust?
    orlando sánchez
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  • Filtering Vulnerabilities Based On "Title" In Report

    In our process we need to filter our vulnerabilities  based on a few keywords(JAVA,.NET,XML etc.) found in "Title". Right now I am downloading the report and filtering out manually. But in order to automate the p...
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - AssetView: Cloud Agent Management Enterprise View v1.3

    This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get an instant view into different KPIs for your Cloud Agent Deployments.   Quick dashboarding and views to key indicators assist and prioritize your cloud agent deplo...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Ignore or disable vulnerability

    Hi Guys, i working on configuration and "gool" solution is disabled or ingnored vulnerability in VM and ThreatProtect module. Actualy i have set specific vulnerability as disabled, but i still see this vulnerability...
    Radek Chvatal
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  • Get Vulns from KB API by QIDs

    Hi,   I'm trying to use the KB API to get the vulnerability information based on the returned QIDs from the "detection" API. I want to obtain only the vulnerabilities of the assets exploded by the QIDs, but I h...
    Zack Gratzi
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  • Container Security Module Permissions

    Hi   I have created a user, who can ONLY have access to the "Container Security" (CS) module in Qualys. However, as part of our security posture, he/she should not have access whether i's READ/VIEW to any other ...
    Gaz H
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