• Can a QID be created to identify a Light Inventory Scan?

    Qualys,   I would like to know if it is possible to create a QID that would identify a Light Inventory Scan.  This would be very helpful when trying to identify assets that would possible need to be removed...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • How to add the <HOST><ID> to host based reports?

    Does anybody know if it is possible to add the <HOST><ID> field to the host based reports?   I realize this can be accomplished using the host detection API, but I have many use cases that would bene...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • Qualys API Integration with BMC Remedy ticketing

    Hi Team,   I would like to have suggestion on Integration workflow via Qualys API .    1) Perform scans on system pools using QGVM and automate opening of tickets within #BMC Remedy SMART IT Tool# ...
    Raghav Gopal
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  • Cloud Agent scan and Knowledge Base

    Hello, Do I need to include the Knowledge Base in my subscription if I want to use Cloud Agents (VM)? Thanks Frederic
    Frederic Jullien
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  • Non authenticated scan for ESXI hosts

    Hi Everyone,   I have a really weird fault with non authenticated scan on DMZ ESXI hosts. My scan is scheduled to run every-week and targets all devices in DMZ zones. For some reason when the scanner scans ESXI...
    sam bhat
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  • Qualys Monitoring/Alerting in AWS

    Hello,   I am assisting with implementing Qualys and I am looking for some feedback about how to execute a couple of activities.   I am looking to enforce the Qualys Cloud Agent installation if a provision...
    Chris Hughes
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  • Virtual Scanner question - Can the OVA virtual scanner be upgraded?

    Hello,   Can anyone tell me if a virtual scanner amount CPU and RAM could be increased to increase scan performance?  Virtualization platform is VMWare.  Sort of a strange question, but our Virtualizat...
    Rusty Qualyz
    created by Rusty Qualyz
  • CVSS Version

    Does Qualys use CVSS version 3.0 or 3.1 for scoring vulnerabilities ?
    Sumalya Guha
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  • Qualys Integration with Google Cloud Security Command Center

    Introduction Customers can now access Qualys vulnerability findings in the Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC). This will help them prioritize risks and automate remediation using native services such as&#...
    Hari Srinivasan
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  • Report on Comments Fields

    Good Day    In the knowledge base you can update a particular QID to give it a solution comment, threat comment and an impact comment.   However, can you include these comments in any of the repor...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • How to maintain authentication records?  Best Practices?

    Qualys provides a mechanism to associate an Asset Tag to a host, based on several *single* criteria.  You can even combine these multiple criteria for tagging using Groovy scripting (which they don't recommend us...
    Jake VanMast
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  • Detecting All Databases in the Enviornment

    Is there a way to detect all databases in the environment. By all, I mean databases using standard as well as non standard ports. I tried using QID 19568 but this does not seems to pick up all the databases. Is there ...
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  • Does Qualys Virtual Scanner for OpenStack supports split network configuration? Means separate IP for LAN and WAN interface.

    Deploying a virtual scanner in openstack cloud. But can not find the network settings for WAN interface. Here we have the requirement keep separate IP for LAN and WAN traffic.
    Rajendra Nagar
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  • Qualys picking up previous kernel version?

    Hi A quick question to confirm: I want to know that we have ran scan's based on ALL EC2 instances, when ever we are patching the Environment's whether this is DEV/SIT/TEST etc...   However, once all these been ...
    Gaz H
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  • Qualys Feeding bigfix

    Good Day,    I am wondering if anyone has solved for mapping if you will Microsoft related QID's to bigfix fixlets.  We are looking to improve upon our existing processes and being able to create a map...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Total IPs scanned in a Month?

    HI    I am trying to find the total number of IP's scanned in our Environment's in Qualys. However, am getting different figures which do not correspond to my environments and also it is pulling just one en...
    Gaz H
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  • Generating Reports with Specific QIDs

    I have have been trying to get a report with just QID 82004 and 82023 so that I can see just the UDP and TCP service list but seem to be having no luck.   This is what I did for the setup: 1. Created a search l...
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  • Asset Tags: Are You Getting The Best Value?

    IntroductionWhen you take a moment to reflect on your Qualys account, what goes through your head? Do you think about whether or not you're getting the best use out of the features you've paid for? From time to time, ...
    Colton Pepper
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  • Tagging the detection of the scanning appliance

    Hi, is there a method when creating a tag, to capture assets scanned with a particular appliance please?  i'd like to report on parts of our organisation where the IP ranges coincide.  Thanks
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  • How identify different assets

    We are adding connector ec2 and with this we see numerous assets. We would like your help to better identify what is a common asset that can install the agent and what is a container to which we will need to install o...
    E F
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