• Launching a Report Request on a Hostname and not an IP

    I asked this recently but I think I didn't describe our situation adequately, so let me rephrase my question. In our environment, the IP address assigned to a given host changes beyond our control, so we definitely n...
    William Hamlin
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - Bug Notification and Status: Widgets Showing Sudden Spike - Trending Discrepancy in AV/TP Dashboards (Portal 2.39 release)

    Dashboard Toolbox - Bug Notification and Status: Widgets Showing Sudden Spike - Trending Discrepancy in AssetView (AV) and Threat Protection (TP) Dashboards (Portal 2.39 release)   Qualys Support is c...
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  • Is there a way to filter the Threat Protect Feed to show only those vulnerabilities in the feed with impacted assets?

    It appears that there is an ability to search the Threat Protect Feed, but the only parameters appear to be "Contents", "Categories", and "Publication Date".  Is there documentation that explains the syntax for e...
    Andrew Wild
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  • Improving Vulnerability Remediation Through Better Exploit Prediction

    Found interesting information in the following doc:   https://weis2019.econinfosec.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2019/05/WEIS_2019_paper_53.pdf
    created by marioc
  • Dashboard Toolbox - AssetView: Windows Authentication Management (v1.4)

    This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get a clear insight into your environments Windows Authentication success and failures. This will allow any security professional to be more pro-active in achieving consiste...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • CVE-2019-0708 in Threat Protection

    I can't see this vulnerability notification in our Threat Protection live feed. Should there be an entry for this available to threat protect subscribers?
    Chris Caul
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  • RSS Feed Threat Protection?

    Is there a way to integrate the TP feed into a local portal? example RSS feed Thank you, Tim
    Tim Cools
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  • Intel CPU Vulns

    For QID :351570 & 351569 it doesn't appear to have the update details about for Intel CPU vulns detection although these QID's have mapped to associated CVE's in Qualys KB   CVE-2018-12126 CVE-2018-1212...
    Navoday Mudike
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  • Best Browser Support

    Honest question, which browser has the least problems when in Qualysguard?
    John Sponheimer
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  • Dashboard Moving

    Guys this is going to sound dumb and funny...but I am going thru the path of creating dashboard items...editing them...and moving stuff around, etc.  You know the dril   The problem I am having is I am havi...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Authenticated Scan Problems

    Hello Guys! I am having some problems with authenticated scan.   The option profile configuration is right, , the credentials that must be used are configured right as well, my scan have a status of "Fina...
    Lucas C. Nunes
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  • Keeping Root's Bash History File with Qualys Authenticated Scanning

    Many InfoSec teams who use Qualys Authenticated (Trusted) Scanning on *nix targets get complaints from the *nix platform admins about "filling up root's history file". This article describes some of the implications o...
    Martin Walker
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  • Qualys performance

    We're see major performance issues with Qualys dashboard for a while now.  Takes ages (~2-4 mins) to load a single page. This also happens when we change from one module to another eg VM to CA, WAS or TP.  &...
    Sunil Saale
    created by Sunil Saale
  • Threat Protection Module

    I was just informed about how the threat protection module works. Its seems great. I was shown some of the high priority vulnerabilities that have come in real time from the wild; we had several servers with these vul...
    Zelda Zilla
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