• Detect default credentials on web management for network/system devices

    I would like to check if any web interfaces for network/system devices (servers, routers, switches, printers) are using default vendor passwords ?   In VM module, we can run brute-force, but that doesn't check w...
    ukki ikku
    created by ukki ikku
  • Need Help understanding Qualys scan output

    Just starting out with Qualys and attempting to understand scan results.  Is there Qualys repository that I can reference to understand scan results/findings i.e (HTTP protocol compliance failed:Null in request)?...
    Tomara Watkins
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  • Support to authenicated scan for UCS

    Has anyone got Qualys to do an authenticated scan against UCS yet?  I was able to get it to authenticate ok, but it was getting this in the debug scan "Data received from target does not match any known pattern -...
    Kevin Williamson
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  • Qualys GitHub for Cloud Security

    Qualys has built public GitHub repositories comprising of scripts for your requirements related to automation of the common task around Cloud Security in Qualys. It contains the tools for mass/automated deploymen...
    Hari Srinivasan
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  • Scan Discontinued

    Hi,   I'm experiencing a lot of IP's not being scanned, but reported in the section "Scan Discontinued". Looking into why this is happening, but unable to find any good explanation to why. The resources are not ...
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  • Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • MS SQL Authentication Error 18452 (Policy Compliance)

    I am attempting to authenticate to a SQL database in our environment using AD credentials. We have ensured the account has the necessary permissions to the database however we we attempt authentication we receive an a...
    Brandon Black
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  • Is it possible to forward the scan engine OS security logs to Splunk either by being able to install one of our Splunk agents or sending the logs via Syslog

    Looking to improve overall security monitoring.  We use Virtual Appliances, all are at current configurations.
    Daniel Johnson
    created by Daniel Johnson
  • Feature Request ? Create policy from host vs only one policy

    Hello,   The "create policy from host" feature in Policy Compliance module automatically embeds ALL the controls for a given technology. What I wish is to filter these controls to get a Policy created from the ...
    stan pichon
    created by stan pichon
  • How do I download a list of individual assets that only includes assets that are in the policy compliance subscription?

    How do I download a list of individual assets that only includes assets that are in the policy compliance subscription? If I go to Host Assets tab under Assets in the PC module I see the correct list (about ...
    Joseph Cates
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  • Creating Windows GPO from a Qualys policy

    Hi,   I can export a policy as a .csv or .xml, however these can't be used to script the creation of a GPO.   It seems the only way is to work through each control manually when creating the GPO in Group P...
    Daniel O'Rorke
    created by Daniel O'Rorke
  • Integration Sophos and Qualys

    Good afternoon, Is  there integration between the manufacturer SOPHOS and Qualys? Thanks.
    Ricardo S
    created by Ricardo S
  • How to force technology detection on PC via Cloud Agent ?

    Hi everyone,   I am facing an issue where Policy Compliance via Cloud Agents does not detect the technology I am trying to assess. I want to test for compliance on JBOSS/WildFly installed on RHEL 7.x   Th...
    stan pichon
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  • Virtual Scanner Operating System

    So, I was taking a look at our Virtual Scanners in VCenter to verify that they were up to snuff configuration-wise, and I noticed they all show as Rhel5 in VCenter.  I'm new to the team, and those have been ther...
    David G
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  • Feature Request - Windows 10/2016+ Operating System Detection

    Please improve Operating System detection so that it shows the real build number instead of using the Windows 10 Feature codenames such as Redstone, Threshold etc.  All documentation as well should reflect the Bu...
    last modified by theone2018
  • ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Integration

    Does anyone have experience with Qualys integration with ServiceNow Configuration Compliance?  Looking for real world experience, lessons learned, positives/negatives etc. 
    created by adamc
  • Compliance Restricted Scanning by Policy

    After running a restricted scan for only specific policy, all the existing reports for other policies returned empty values. Even the Policy Summary drop down didn't listed all the Policies.   Unix hosts were sc...
    Rizwan Bedekar
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  • Custom Qualys-Jira Integration Whitepaper

    Custom Qualys-Jira Integration Whitepaper Version 4 | Updated on 12/17/2019 Qualys Modules Covered in Scope: VM, PC, FIM, CS, WAS Custom Qualys-Jira Integration Whitepaper Getting Started Technical...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Public methods available in Groovy Script for invocation on different objects

    av_tagging groovy
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  • Reporting Toolbox - Policy Compliance: Age of Pass/Fail Detection (View History of Control Status Changes)

    I am frequently asked how to track the age of Policy Compliance detections and/or how do I know when a passing control started failing to suggest a change in the device configuration.  In QWEB release 8.21.2, Qua...
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