• Qualys API Integration with BMC Remedy ticketing

    Hi Team,   I would like to have suggestion on Integration workflow via Qualys API .    1) Perform scans on system pools using QGVM and automate opening of tickets within #BMC Remedy SMART IT Tool# ...
    Raghav Gopal
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  • Qualys picking up previous kernel version?

    Hi A quick question to confirm: I want to know that we have ran scan's based on ALL EC2 instances, when ever we are patching the Environment's whether this is DEV/SIT/TEST etc...   However, once all these been ...
    Gaz H
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  • Download Ports & services CSV report using API

    I am trying to download the Ports & services CSV report using API. however it is not working. I am able to list the vulnerability database. so i know that my API connection is working.   https://qualysg...
    Anand Ramapathy
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  • Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • Seeking workaround to restore bad grading on SSL

    I have a bad SSL report graded F and really need assistance. Below are summary results of what i gathered after the scan. ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
    Kedesh Pinia
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  • End of Life(EOL) or End of Support(EOS) of sofware/Product

    Does qualys also provides information about the software/Product identified has reached its End of support (EOS) or End of life(EOL)? I know it basically  reports the outdated and vulnerable software/components/p...
    VA icon
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  • Qualys Cloud Suite Password Parameters and Defaults in Release 8.16

    Qualys Cloud Platform Release 8.16 includes New Password Security Options   We’ve added several new password security options to enforce a strong password policy when logging into your Qualys subscript...
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  • Launching a Report Request on a Hostname and not an IP

    I asked this recently but I think I didn't describe our situation adequately, so let me rephrase my question. In our environment, the IP address assigned to a given host changes beyond our control, so we definitely n...
    William Hamlin
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  • How to set up Continuous Monitoring for the Perimeter

    This guide is to help you with Perimeter Continuous Monitoring set up.   Feel free to contact me by email with questions and remarks OR just share your comment here .   Thanks,
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  • Qualys Continuous Monitoring Notification

    Hello,   I have a question about qualys continuous monitoring notification. I've scheduled a continuous monitoring scan for tests, and I would like to be alone to receive notification, but notification is sent t...
    Guy-Omer Manissa
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  • Continuous Monitoring reports

    Hey, everyone.  Any thoughts on this are much appreciated.  I am trying to find a way to utilize Continuous Monitoring the best that I can, but the reports that I can pull are only csv or xml files.  I ...
    Dawn Grandchamp
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  • Alert types to show off Continuous Monitoring

    Hi all, I can see value in this module, but so far only have a couple of port/vuln alerts set up, and i'm not too convinced that this can justify the £££££££ for the module. What a...
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  • CM Alert can not match VM scan frequency

    The Continuous Monitoring suggests setting the alert notification to the same frequency as the vuln scan.  However, if you set a CM profile for every 6 hours, but the VM schedule smallest frequency is Daily...is ...
    Robert Farnlof
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  • CM For WAS ?

    Is it possible yet to add WAS scans into continuous monitoring alerting ?   I have a lot of URLs / FQDNs and it seems for now that I can only add IPs or IP ranges to CM.
    Damian OHara
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  • CM question

    Hi a customer asked me to assist in configuring CM for external scanning. During some configuration steps we stuck in this one: Port/Service, additional criteria. Here there is "Protocol" and "Service" listed a crit...
    Karl Schrade
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  • Use cases for Cloud Agent

    We are deploying cloud agent on endpoints. For this purpose we would like to know about the best use cases to achieve the VM, Patch Management and policy compliance. So that this will help us to create the best dashbo...
    Tarun Shrivastava
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  • Comparison between Qualys Vs other vulnerability management tool

    I'm preparing a Business case on Qualys, kindly share how Qualys having higher side over other vulnerability scanners. Kindly share any thoughts or PPT.
    Dhiraj Sancheti
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  • Is there a way to see on the endpoint if the Qualys agent is reporting properly?

    laura.seletos ccarlson Is there a better way to tell an agent is reporting to QCP properly than checking agent log for:  Http status code received: 200
    Tom Duong
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  • Continuous Scanning - Cloud Agent vs. Appliance

    I have two test systems that are running the Qualys Cloud Agent (CA).  It is set with a Configuration Profile with Normal performance and the VM module.  I would like to test the target system resources with...
    Scott Dentler
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  • Set up Continuous Monitoring for CA status

    Would someone please describe a way to configure alerts from Cloud Agents that have a Status/Last Checked-in of a certain threshold?  I cannot find a way to do this within CM.   Examples,  - data cent...
    Scott Dentler
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