• Is there a way to tell what agents are using the Qualys Gateway Service?

    We are just starting to stand up the Qualys Gateway Service.  We have one agent configured and using it.  In looking at the details of the appliance, it shows 3 Unique Agent IPs.  Again we have only con...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • What date will Cloud Agent Windows 3.15 be released?

    Hello,   Does anyone know the release date for Cloud Agent for Windows version 3.15?   Please let me know.   Thanks
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Agent Hostnames

    Two questions:   1. I have over 300 cloud agent hosts which have different detected hostnames (by Qualys) to their NetBIOS names (detected by Qualys). The NetBIOS names match their DNS names and are correct. So ...
    Damian OHara
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  • Assign UDC Manifest in Bulk

    I had 1,820 cloud agents installed before I created my first User Defined Control (UDC). For newer cloud agent installs, UDC manifest is automatically getting assigned. How can I assign UDC manifest to the older 1,820...
    Nawab Kabir
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  • How Can I Remove Duplicate Systems?

    I have a few Virtual Machines I am testing with.  I installed the Cloud Agent on one machine and took a snapshot of it.  The machine was reporting Vulnerability data, Inventory, and Patch Data just fine....
    Peter Crane
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  • Dynamic Asset Tags using Asset Search Rule Engine

    Is there any documentation on how to format the XML? I'd like to create an asset tag which checks that the last time an agent checked in is above a certain threshold of days.   Here is an example that I h...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • Use cases for Cloud Agent

    We are deploying cloud agent on endpoints. For this purpose we would like to know about the best use cases to achieve the VM, Patch Management and policy compliance. So that this will help us to create the best dashbo...
    Tarun Shrivastava
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  • Benefits of Authenticated Assessments (v1.2)

    Introduction Take a moment and ask your self-am I seeing everything I need to see from my scan targets, from just doing unauthenticated scans? If this worries you, not being able to rest assured you're getting as much...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Cloud Agent for Chromebook

    Hello, I'm enquiring as to whether there are any plans to offer a Cloud Agent to run natively on Chromium OS ?   Chromebooks are a low cost thin-client alternative which can also be used remotely via Office 365...
    Joseph Rose
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  • Dissolvable Agent vs installed Cloud Agent

    I have been trying to develop some notes and strategies for our Qualys scanning and was wondering if there is any difference in the information gathered by the dissolvable agent during a VM scan vs an installed cloud ...
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  • SSL Report

    my website was linked ssl was ip  and format that server on ip and rebuild   ssl  with another ip   for server name https://rid...
    Islam mohamed
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  • Manually start Cloud Agent scan on MacOS.

    Is there a way to manually start a VM scan on Mac OS using the Cloud Agent?
    John Bullough
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  • Deploying Qualys Cloud Agents from Microsoft Azure Security Center

    This document describes how to install Qualys Cloud Agents (Windows and Linux) for Azure instances from the Azure Security Center console and view vulnerability assessment findings within Azure Security Center and you...
    Hari Srinivasan
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  • Qualys failed scan report

    Below is a scan report for an IP address via Qualys, Unable to complete Windows login for host=IP address, user=username   Unauthorized users can obtain the list of NetBIOS servers on your network.  This lis...
    Christian Olufemi
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - AssetView: Cloud Agent Management Enterprise View v1.3

    This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get an instant view into different KPIs for your Cloud Agent Deployments.   Quick dashboarding and views to key indicators assist and prioritize your cloud agent deplo...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Generating alerts from FIM data

    We are using the Cloud Agents with FIM enabled in our cloud infrastructure as a replacement for AIDE. Is there any way to create alerts based on a set of criteria? We would want either emails to be sent out or possibl...
    Robert Barrow
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  • SSL Certificate - Signature Verification Failed Vulnerability

    In our PCI scan there were many vulnerabilities i.e. self-signed, invalid maximum validity date and etc. So, we created our own root CA in one of our server which is running on Microsoft Windows Server 2012. We are us...
    Hizbullah Watandost
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  • Agent & scanner potential conflict?

    If we are running appliance scans on our assets with agents - what is the behavior we should be expecting / are there any potential conflicts if those scans are running on an asset concurrently (if even possible)?
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  • Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

    What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...   Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb: Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc.  ^probably should be updated   Are there pl...
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  • Qualys Agent - Software List / Vulnerabilities not updating

    Hi guys,        I'm noticing Qualys Agents not updating the vulnerabilities results and software list.   Last week I found more than 500 devices in my subscription which the last vulnerabili...
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