• Can I Change Firewall Ports for Qualys Gateway Service Virtual Appliance ?

    Qualys Gateway Service   How can the firewall ports that this uses to communicate with : a) Qualys Cloud Platform b) Qualys CLoud Agents ...be controlled , on the QGS virtual appliance, final beta ??   ...
    Joseph Rose
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  • Cloud Agent scan and Knowledge Base

    Hello, Do I need to include the Knowledge Base in my subscription if I want to use Cloud Agents (VM)? Thanks Frederic
    Frederic Jullien
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  • Vulnerbility Request - TLS 1.1 - Detection

    Can we get a QID Detection that checks for TLS 1.1?  Qualys currently has QID 38628 which does a TLS 1.0 check.
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  • Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

    What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...   Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb: Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc.  ^probably should be updated   Are there pl...
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  • Cloud Agent does not gather metadata/Perform scan on Linux machines which is installed on VMware Workstation.

    On Inspecting the Logs - I could find that there are http connect failure issue / SSL certificate issue. I'm not sure how to set a proxy connection. As read the document, for Linux/UNIX machine proxy is not required. ...
    Kiran Vijay
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  • Licence management for assets with multiple IPs

    Hello,   We have a lot of assets with multiple IPs. Majority is the laptops connected to its base stations - they are connected the corporate network via base station's RJ45 cable, but also keep their ...
    Alexey Shalygin
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  • External Scans versus Dynamic IP

    Hi,   I'm consulting with a client who is using Qualys to perform external vulnerability scans.  The issue is they have dynamic IP so entering IP for the scans is problematic.     Would inst...
    Eric Beaumier
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  • Cloud Agent - How to manually force communication?

    Hello Community! I want to know how to manually force the Cloud Agent to refresh (submit delta to Cloud Platform?). it's very time consuming to patch a testing system, and have to wait until it automatically communi...
    Miguel Arenas
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  • Cloud Agent Returning Generic OS

    Anyone else seeing an increasing number of cloud agent assets with generic operating system values (ex: Windows)? I have over 1,000 in my account now. I've checked and they've completed both vulnerability and inventor...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • Feature Requests - Policy Compliance

    1. I wish that in Policy Compliance when searching against a Policy or Control you could select an option to just return the last result detected, instead of every result that every was found.  Last Scan Date and...
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  • Qualys Agent - Software List / Vulnerabilities not updating

    Hi guys,        I'm noticing Qualys Agents not updating the vulnerabilities results and software list.   Last week I found more than 500 devices in my subscription which the last vulnerabili...
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - AssetView: Cloud Agent Management Enterprise View v1.3

    This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get an instant view into different KPIs for your Cloud Agent Deployments.   Quick dashboarding and views to key indicators assist and prioritize your cloud agent deplo...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Cloud Agent vs. Authenticated Scan detection

    Is there any difference between which vulnerabilities that are discovered by a Qualys Cloud Agent and a Qualys Authenticated Scan? Or will they find the exact same vulnerabilities?
    Bob Bobson
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  • Cloud Agent Memory + Swap usage

    Our proxy was hanging because of a security change, and the cloud agents could not send their updates. This seems to have caused a large memory usage by the cloud agent and a very large swap usage ( This is on Ubuntu)...
    charles robbins
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  • Mouse Flickers when installing the Qualys

    When I try to install Qualys Cloud Agent on Windows 2012 Server, mouse starts flickering and nothing happens. I am not able to install the Qualys at all.
    Deepak Ramrakhiyani
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  • Vulnerabilities fixed within a time period

    I'm trying to create a widget that tells me how many vulnerabilities have been fixed within the last 30 days for a particular group of assets. I'm using vulnerabilities.status:FIXED to identify the status and vulnerab...
    Chris Caul
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  • Deploying Scanner on Azure Classic VM

    Hello Everyone!   We are planning to deploy a scanner on Azure Classic deployment. Can anyone give me setup instruction? I can't seem to find one online. Also, Is it possible to deploy the scanner to an existing...
  • Getting Cloud Agent to successfully register with Qualys Gateway Service ...

    Hello,   With QGS we have finally got the gateway service to successfully register through our Websense proxy.   We are trying to get a Qualys Cloud Agent v2.1.1.34 to talk to the QGS on the defau...
    Joseph Rose
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  • qps/rest/2.0/search/am/hostasset takes loong time to response

    I am trying to request a list of agents in our account using the cloud agent API. If a request gets any response back at all, it take about 15 minutes, and I cannot successfully request more than 5 items.  We hav...
    Richard Kairis
    created by Richard Kairis