• Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • Benefits of Authenticated Assessments (v1.2)

    Introduction Take a moment and ask your self-am I seeing everything I need to see from my scan targets, from just doing unauthenticated scans? If this worries you, not being able to rest assured you're getting as much...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Installing Cloud Agent on VDI

    What is the best way to deploy the Qualys Cloud Agent in a Windows Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment? I don't want to have to reinstall the agent with a unique GUID each time a system is provisioned...?
    Scott Wilson
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  • Control ID 2521 showing incomplete data.

    We have about 5% of systems failing Control 2521. It's not the same systems every time we run a report. The "domain", "hostname", "user", and "Groups" are all stand in values for the actual values. All of these a...
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  • Cloud Agent Returning Generic OS

    Anyone else seeing an increasing number of cloud agent assets with generic operating system values (ex: Windows)? I have over 1,000 in my account now. I've checked and they've completed both vulnerability and inventor...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Agent Support

    Greetings all.   I wanted to inquire from those that use Agents on Desktops/Laptops/Servers. How much time would you say is invested in support of Agents "going bad" or "not responding" or just "not working"? &...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Could Agent URL

    Hi,    to be sure that everything is ok, what should I see when I try to connect through browser the CA URL https://qagpublic.qg1.apps.qualys.eu    I have some Windows servers 2012 that are ...
    Max Max
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  • Is there a way to exclude cloud agents from scans?

    We have several cloud agents that are in IP ranges that are being scanned by our scanner appliance. Rather than individually excluding each IP with a cloud agent is there an easier way to exclude all cloud agents from...
    Taylor P
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  • Cloud Agents Not Processing VM Scan Data

    I just noticed an issue in my subscription that I wanted to share with the larger community. We deployed 100k+ cloud agents a few months ago and everything seemed to be fine. We did notice, especially lately, that mos...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Qualys Cloud Agent and Citrix Xen Server

    We have a large number of Citrix Xen servers with a re-provisioning process which happens nightly. We have the Qualys Cloud Agent baked into the image following the Cloud Agent guidelines. The problem we have is that ...
    Donal Scollan
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  • Rights to CA asset like in Business Units

    Hi,   how can I give rights to some part of the asset that is scanned only through Cloud Agent?    For example, I have a 2 subnets and all the IPs in both of them are mounting the CA. However, I want ...
    Max Max
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  • CA module on POD 2 has a weird issue

    Hello Community,   Anyone else seeing a weird issue in the CA module?  The issue is when I go into the CA module and sort the Last Checked In column for the oldest, all of my agents disappear.  If they...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Vulnerability report  for Bulk Assets ?

    Hi Everyone,   How can we generate a report for all vulnerabilities in CSV or PDF format for bulk assets?
    Swapnil Kachave
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  • How does the Cloud Agent update work in QGS?

    Hello Community,   We are setting up the Qualys Gateway Service and would like to know how to configure the Cloud Agent update.  Here are some of my questions:   Is this a configuration profile? How ...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • SSL Labs Changelog

    Version 2.1.4Released to production on 16th April 2020   Fixes GitHub: False positive on Windows IIS server for Zombie Poodle/ GOLDENDOODLE (#741, #778) First assessment through API gives the curre...
    Ivan Ristić
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  • Qualys Gateway Service as a VM in AZURE

    Folks,   This is related to the Qualys Gateway Service. Customer is asking "Can you confirm that the gateway being configured as a VM in Azure is supported?"   I have checked the user guide and there is no...
    Mark Elkins
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  • Why do some Cloud agents take so long to register in AI?

    Has anyone else seen the issue I'm seeing with AI not apparently having existing cloud agents which have registered and show complete data in both AV and CA modules not show up in AI for many days later?   For c...
    Paul Schooping
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  • Cloud Agents and Environmental metrics

    Hi,   Is it possible add environmental information on Asset scanned only using Cloud Agent in the same way we can do in asset included in an Asset Group?   Thanks
    Max Max
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  • Emergency Qualys Portal Upgrades?

    Hi Friends: I've noticed a flurry of recent activity in Qualys' change controls. On March 10th, I saw [Scheduled] US Platform 2: Qualys Suite PORTAL Release Notification (CMB-65395). Today, March 16th...
    Ted Gardener
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  • Is there a way to get the last used date for a software installed?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to obtain an indication on the last date of use of the/a software installed on a machine with Cloud Agent? Looking at the option in the Global IT Asset Inventory Module seems that this t...
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