• Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • Qualys Agent - Software List / Vulnerabilities not updating

    Hi guys,        I'm noticing Qualys Agents not updating the vulnerabilities results and software list.   Last week I found more than 500 devices in my subscription which the last vulnerabili...
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  • Cloud Agent Module Permissions

    Hello,  I am having issues locking down permissions on who can view\access the Cloud Agent module on Qualys. I followed their doc - Cloud Agent Permissions  No matter what type of user (reader, sca...
    Ike O
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  • Qualys ability to scan Remote users via VPN

    Does Qualys have the ability to scan remote VPN Users connected to a corporate network?
    Marwynne Kuhn
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  • Why must cloud agents be added to the Host Assets?

    We have a number of cloud agents in our organization, but we can't utilize information about them in the vulnerability management part of Qualys before they are added as Host Assets. What is the reason for this? ...
    Bob Bobson
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  • Public methods available in Groovy Script for invocation on different objects

    av_tagging groovy
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  • QID: 372186 Google chrome doesn't detect on Cloud Agents

    Hello,   Does anyone having issues with QID:372186 on the Cloud Agents Module, I'm on QG3 Platform I haven't detected any vulnerabilities since the release of this QID (QG3 VM is under maintenance now but not ...
    Navoday Mudike
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  • Qualys Cloud agent not scanned QID's

    HI All   Looking for some guidance / advice in relation to the list of QID's not scanned currently by the cloud agent. I know the list can be just added to a static list and ran as a specific scan for these but...
    Michael Fennell
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  • Show only remote vulnerabilities

    Hi,   With in one of my dashboards I have a widget that currently shows all external/public facing assets and vulnerabilities associated with them. I'm wondering if its possible to only show the vulnerabilities ...
    Fabio Migali
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  • Skip VM scan on asset with Cloud Agent

    Hi,   I need to run some scans, but I would like to avoid all the machines that are mounting the CA.   I thought to target the host with Tags and use the option "Do not include hosts that have" the tag Clo...
    Max Max
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  • Scanning tags when agents are used for asset mgmt only

    What steps are required to perform dynamic scans, targeting assets by Cloud Agent (activation key -> tags)?   I have created an asset group and added the cloud agents to that group dynamically by having the a...
    Mathias Hoelzli
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  • Installation Date Qualys Agent

    Good day Qualys Community,   Does anyone knows how to obtain the date when the Qualys agent is installed on a machine? I haven´t figured if this is possible.   Thanks for the support!!
    Mario Camarena
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  • Qualys connectivity with Skybox?

    Hi   I would like to know we are patching and running schedule scan's on our environments and form that we fix any vulnerabilities extracted and found. However, we now have another vulnerability tool, "Skybox", ...
    Gaz H
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  • Cloud Agent Mac 2.3.2 compatibility with macOS Catalina (10.15) and Supplemental Update

    Background Qualys Engineering certifies available Cloud Agent versions on developer, beta, preview, and pre-release versions of upcoming operating system releases in order to announce compatibility when the GA versio...
    Chris Carlson
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  • Is there a way to get the last used date for a software installed?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to obtain an indication on the last date of use of the/a software installed on a machine with Cloud Agent? Looking at the option in the Global IT Asset Inventory Module seems that this t...
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  • Filtering API results on AWS account ID?

    Hi all,   I wanted to know if it's possible to filter the API results by certain AWS account numbers. I'm specifically referring to the Cloud Agent API.   I need to pull a subset of my data based on accoun...
    Garrett G.
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  • Qualys Cloud Agent for MacOS Catalina

    Hi,   MacOS has release new version of OS 10.15 Catalina, as per the Qualys CA documentation I do not find details if Qualys Cloud Agent is compatible with version.  Can Qualys confirm we can we expect this...
    Navoday Mudike
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  • Report on Cloud Agent assets

    How do I create a report of assets with Cloud Agents from an Asset Group?
    Daniel Johnson
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  • Product Feature Requests

    What is a Feature Request? A Feature Request is any suggestion for an enhancement to Qualys software. Feature Requests are not a contractual obligation for Qualys to develop the suggestion or to develop the request as...
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  • Assign Configuration Profile to Agent via API?

    I have been looking in the Cloud Agent API guide and do not see an API call to assign a configuration profile to an agent. Does this functionality exist in the API?
    Joey Cusimano
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