• Query Assistance

    I am trying to write a query that will provide me with the following information;   Number of confirmed sev 4 and 5 vulnerabilities related to OS older than 30 days   I have looked at several dashboard exa...
    Robert Green
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  • API Gateway - Application API Docs (Swagger)

    Module Version API Gateway Documentation FIM 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v1   FIM 2 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v2 ITAM/AI 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apid...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Dynamic tag for WAS and VM assets

    I have defined Business Unit (BU) for various asset groups in VM and have used those BU's to tag my WAS inventory. I am trying to define one tag "PROD" to mark production assets VM and WAS.   Below Asset Invent...
    Tom S
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  • Are there any dashboards for the AI module dashboard?

    Are there any pre-built dashboards for the AI module?  Does anyone have any dashboards or widgets they would like to share?  We really want to start using this module to align with a possible ServiceNow impl...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?

    Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?   Greetings all.   I was digging around on the forums here and found the following uptime QIDs thanks to others posts here...I wanted to focus in here.   vulne...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Regarding Citrix Server List Fetching..

    How do i query to get a list of all Citrix Servers in Qualys ?
    Swapnil Kachave
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  • Dashboards and Reporting Resources - Start Here

    Welcome to Dashboards and Reporting   Welcome to our Dashboards and Reporting space.  Here we will begin to collaboratively and constructively collect relevant legacy ...
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  • "Hidden or Unknown" QID's

    I just wanted to inform you all, at the time I am writing this (Monday morning Feb 3), there are 47,730 individual QIDs.   I suggest if you did not know this, you go to the Vulnerability Management module > k...
    John Sponheimer
    created by John Sponheimer
  • Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"

    Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"?
    Sam Friday
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  • Export limit on the AI module?

    Hello Qualys Community,   I tried downloading a list of assets in the AI module and got a message stating there is a limit of 5,000 records.  Is this a temporary limit?
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • SNMPv3 + Qualys auth record

    Does anyone else use SNMPv3 to aid Qualys OS detection? If so, how does your organization respond to the lack of AES256 encryption support, and the lack of SHA2 hashing support, in Qualys Authentication records? 
    Jake VanMast
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  • HTTP 429: Too Many Requests? WTH?

    API 429 Error I've finally gotten the Bearer Token worked out to get data from the Global Asset Inventory. It appears that I'm able to authenticate, but I can't get the asset API to respond with anything other than 4...
    Nate Olsen
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  • Creating tags based on Asset Group Naming Conventions

    Just want to share a solution to what I think could be a common problem for others. We've got a naming convention in place for Asset Groups which is based on subnets scanned.   The naming convention requires AG...
    Resurgent Atom
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  • Best Practice for host Tracking?

    Hello all,    I have a question. Over the last year or so I have been working with Qualys and our remediation team and have noticed that there are some issues within our Vulnerability management module. For...
    Justin Twohy
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  • Duplicate asset purging

    Are there any API calls or custom scripts to identify duplicate assets in Qualys?  I'm sure we're all familiar with the situation where you'll find an asset which is DNS-tracked and one which is IP-tracked, and I...
    David G
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  • Cloud Agent not Posting Inventory Data

    I'm testing out the Cloud Agent for the first time. I installed the agent on a Windows 10 virtual machine. It showed up in the console as "Provisioned" and soon changed to "Manifest Downloaded". I then activated ...
    Peter Crane
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  • Public methods available in Groovy Script for invocation on different objects

    av_tagging groovy
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  • Cloud Agent Module and Activation Keys Question

    Hello,   Two questions which hopefully the community will be able to help with:   1.) If we were to deploy Cloud Agent using just the Asset Inventory function to all our assets, is there an easy way to sel...
    Michael Fowler
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  • Is there a way in Qualys to check and see if a QID has been remediated?

    Hello Qualys Community,   I have a question - Is there a way to check if a suppressed QID (remediation ticket state is in Closed/Ignored), has been remediated without opening the Qualys remediation ticket up and...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Qualys Cloud agent not scanned QID's

    HI All   Looking for some guidance / advice in relation to the list of QID's not scanned currently by the cloud agent. I know the list can be just added to a static list and ran as a specific scan for these but...
    Michael Fennell
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