• Qualys Patch Report with Custom time

    Hi Everyone,  I want to run a patch report for compliance reasons. Report has to be monthly report starting from 01 of the month to end of the month.  When I created patch template the time default time wa...
    sam bhat
    created by sam bhat
  • TLS Padding Oracle Vulnerability (Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE) issue

    Hi,   I got vulnerability "TLS Padding Oracle Vulnerability (Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE)" ona scan I ran on 25th October 2019   QID: 38764 Category: General remote services CVE ID: CVE-2019-1559 Vendor...
  • UDP/TCP Source Port Pass Firewall Vulnerabilities for Quantum Scalar i6000

    Hello, Please help me to remediate these vulnerabilities:   Vulnerability : TCP Source Port Pass Firewall Solution : Make sure that all your filtering rules are correct and strict enough. If the firewall inten...
    Tarik DAKIR
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  • Mac OS X operating system detection

    Why does Qualys favour revealing/presenting the Darwin version number for Mac OS X and not gain access to the likes of 10.12.x or 10.13.x It's confusing my customers who we present the data to Thanks, Tony
    last modified by Chalky_White
  • Testing Android x vs. Chrome on Android x

    Seeing Android 7.0 reduced the list of available curves to just prime256v1 I wonder how to test a server for compatibility considering the current client list in SSL Labs. As I understand, „Android 7.0&ldqu...
    Matthias Wächter
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  • SSL Test with wrong Android 4.4 config

    Hi! On your Android 4.4 page (Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / User Agent Capabilities: Android 4.4.2) you have configured the wrong cipher suites. According to <uses-sdk> | Android Developers  Android 4.4 is...
    André Glöckner
    last modified by André Glöckner
  • Asset Search For Multiple DNS Names

    Hi all,   Please let me know whether there is any way to do asset search for multiple DNS names together like its possible for multiple IPs.   Thanks in advance.
    Honey Johny
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  • Tag to detect Cloud Agent version

    I'm trying to add a tag to all my assets running "old" Cloud Agent versions - presently, that would be all Windows agents before, Linux agents before, and Mac agents before I can easily do...
    Matthew Verive
    created by Matthew Verive
  • Qualys agent installation on RHEL 5.11(Tikanga)

    Hi Guys, We have user who is trying to install Qualys cloud agent on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga), but it was not complete as it is not reporting in Qualys console. Upon checking the lo...
    Preethi R
    last modified by Preethi R
  • Filtering API results on AWS account ID?

    Hi all,   I wanted to know if it's possible to filter the API results by certain AWS account numbers. I'm specifically referring to the Cloud Agent API.   I need to pull a subset of my data based on accoun...
    Garrett G.
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  • Oracle WebLogic Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (CPUAPR2018) detected by Qualys even after applying the patch

    Hi, we have installed patch for Oracle WebLogic Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (CPUAPR2018) on our server six month back itself and now for Oracle WebLogic Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (CPUAPR2019), we ...
    Preethi R
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  • IP in Multiple Option Profiles

    Is there a way to identify a specific IP is included in which option profiles?##
    Brian Zielin
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  • Controls Not Evaluated For A Host

    Hey all,   Controls are not getting evaluated on an IP of mine despite of adding it to PC module. Please note authentication is also getting passed.   It would be great if anyone can help me regarding t...
    Honey Johny
    last modified by Honey Johny
  • Remove scan result from Google search results

    Hello, everybody. I would like to have some search results removed by Google. Is that possible? Because I have made the mistake of using https://www.dev.ssllabs.com/ instead of https://ww.ssllabs.com.   When I ...
    Luca Nussbaumen
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  • Issues in including Selenium script for WAS

    Help me to sort out the below problem....      When we are performing a was scan using selenium script which is created using qualys recorder when we run a test case manually it is working then when ...
    last modified by manikanth
  • Chain issue: Contains anchor

    If the certificate chain presented by the server contains the root anchor, this is noted as a "issue" in the result.   It is my belief that this is actually NOT an issue according to RFC5246:   "Because ce...
    last modified by kju
  • Form submission

    Hello ! 1- what is the use of modify form submission for GET, POST, GET&POST, None ?  2- The use of changing user agent in option profile ?
    Moderan Amoussou
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  • QID 150009

    Hello !  can someone explaine to me the two numbers beside the word ''Finding'' when you click on QID 150009 ?  one number is in blue color and the seconde one is in grey. 
    Moderan Amoussou
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  • Community Members: Introduce Yourself

    Ok, I'll go first.   I'm Robert Dell'Immagine, and I manage Qualys Community (also Qualys.com, and I participate on social media as well).  I've been at Qualys for just over 3 years as I write this (Februar...
    Robert Dell'Immagine
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  • Anyone use Tableau?

    Hello Qualys Community,   Does anyone use Tableau for Qualys reporting?  If so:   How do you like it? What do you report on? Can you pull Qualys data into Tableau through the API?   An...
    Rusty Qualyz
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