• Export all support case comments

    Greetings: While I know that I can export a list of all of my support cases, is it possible to export all of the case comments within the case itself into a a .csv, .xslx, .xml? /ted
    Tef Gardener
    created by Tef Gardener
  • Looking to meet with pen-testers

    Hello, I’m a first-year computer-science student at Lyon 1 university. As part of my studies, I have to work on my professional project and it is for this reason that I would like to meet with penetration tester...
    Fadi AJAJ
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  • API Gateway - Application API Docs (Swagger)

    Module Version API Gateway Documentation FIM 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v1   FIM 2 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v2 ITAM/AI 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apid...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Identifying and Removing Duplicate Unique IDs (UUIDs) in Qualys (Revisited)

    Identifying and Removing Duplicate Unique IDs (UUIDs) in Qualys   Duplicate UUIDs normally appear when an asset is “cloned” that already contains a Qualys UUID. The UUID is stored in the registry key...
    John Malon
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  • Isilon Environments

    Is anyone scanning performing authenticated scans against Isilon and if so how has it been going?
    created by psaux
  • Vulnerability Scan Consumes All Server Memory

    Hello,   Does anyone have troubleshooting experience with a vulnerability scan maxing out a server's memory? It doesn't appear to be happening during every scan, but occurs frequently. I am not 100% sure that Qu...
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  • QID: 82005 Predictable TCP Initial Sequence Numbers Vulnerability

    82005 Predictable TCP Initial Sequence Numbers Vulnerability This is being detected when F5 Network Big-IP is scanned. • CVE-2001-0328 https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K19063943 • CVE-1999-0077 https:/...
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  • Dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score ?

    Hi,    We are trying to create a dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score using below query, but its not working as expected.   if(asset.getAssetType()!=Asset.AssetType.HOST) return false; return asset....
    Chandra Sekhar
    created by Chandra Sekhar
  • Change user account Password using powershell

    I am working on a script to change the password of the local Qualys user account using PowerShell and Qualys API. I am able to use a session-based login and logout as well. But API to change the password is not w...
    Vijayaragavan Subbaraj
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  • Integration Sophos and Qualys

    Good afternoon, Is  there integration between the manufacturer SOPHOS and Qualys? Thanks.
    Ricardo S
    created by Ricardo S
  • ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Integration

    Does anyone have experience with Qualys integration with ServiceNow Configuration Compliance?  Looking for real world experience, lessons learned, positives/negatives etc. 
    created by adamc
  • Asset Group and Adding Bulk of IP address and IP ranges

    Hi All,   Need your help and suggestion for creating bulk of asset group with IP address and IP ranges in Qualys platform using python script. Thanks in Advance!!! 
    Saviour Hack
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  • How to ensure the servers/assets are patched and up to date?

    How to ensure the servers/assets are patched and up to date?On what criteria we can verify it along with vulnerability scans?
    Preethi R
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  • Authentication Status Failed

    Hola, estoy tratando de hacer un scaneo de vulnerabilidades  y me está mandando error de autentificación,  y antes no me lo mandaba, he hecho varios ejercicios antes y está es la 1ra vez...
    Adalberto Cesar
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  • CVS Scores in Knowledgebase DataFeed

    I am looking to import Knowledgebase records into our GRC platform via the Qualys API feed. We are getting a large amount of the information to pull across, however we are not seeing anything being pulled over regardi...
    Brandon Black
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  • Why "Last Detection" date of vulnerability is not updated when a new report is generated?

    I ran a new full report but a lot of vulnerabilities did not updated the "last detection" timestamp, but they still appear with an old timestamp, some appears with the actual date. Why is that? How Qualys handle with...
    Guilherme Queiroz
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  • WAF Understanding the basic

    Hi guys,   I m new to Qualys WAF platform, we recently bought licence for Qualys WAF, AM, etc.   I am having some problems understanding Qualys WAF, so , I have installed it on my virtual platform, success...
    tarik B
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  • Qualys Patch Report with Custom time

    Hi Everyone,  I want to run a patch report for compliance reasons. Report has to be monthly report starting from 01 of the month to end of the month.  When I created patch template the time default time wa...
    sam bhat
    created by sam bhat
  • TLS Padding Oracle Vulnerability (Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE) issue

    Hi,   I got vulnerability "TLS Padding Oracle Vulnerability (Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE)" ona scan I ran on 25th October 2019   QID: 38764 Category: General remote services CVE ID: CVE-2019-1559 Vendor...
  • UDP/TCP Source Port Pass Firewall Vulnerabilities for Quantum Scalar i6000

    Hello, Please help me to remediate these vulnerabilities:   Vulnerability : TCP Source Port Pass Firewall Solution : Make sure that all your filtering rules are correct and strict enough. If the firewall inten...
    Tarik DAKIR
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