• 3rd party outdated library detections

    Hi All,   I'm trying to find out if there is a way we can find out outdated or vulnerable 3rd party library vulns??   Any inputs are much appreciated.   Thanks, Akash.
    Akash Singh
    created by Akash Singh
  • SameSite Cookie Info

    We were looking to see if Qualys WAS could be used to detect what the SameSite cookie attritube is set to for a given web application. There are some checks in place today around whether cookies contain the secur...
    Donal Scollan
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  • Configuring a Web Application w/ Explicit URLs to Crawl

    I am working on configuring a web application for scanning which requires the use of "Explicit URLs to Crawl" and I'm running to some issues. I'm hoping the community can help point me in the right direction. Please c...
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  • How to better manage Qualys WAS for 30 sites that are scanned monthly

    I was giving the responsibility of a Qualys WAS. There are around 30 sites I need to monthly scan, and check alerts. I need to automate all this process so I'm thinking on this Create a script or application that coul...
    D TG
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  • How to configure a scan for the application with the "connection not secure page"?

    How to configure a scan for the application with the "connection not secure page"?   I tried to perform the authentication scan using custom method it was successful but only crawled one link and full web app sc...
    Alpha male
    created by Alpha male
  • Enable Symantec VIP MFA for existing users

    Hi All,   I searched the website but couldn't find a guidance over this. Basically I would like to enforce VIP MFA to my users in Qualys. We only have admin access to WAS, we can manage our own user environment....
    Burhan Cimen
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  • qualys scan showing different vulnerability on each different run

    qualys WAS scan showing different vulnerability on each different run
    Karteek Gande
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  • We have few calculation implemented in Python and how do i scan that.

    From salesforce, we send data to python(Heroku) and perform some calculations and send the response back to salesforce.    How do I scan python related stuff? 
    Karteek Gande
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  • I have scanned a website, however the result is NULL.

    Any tip on why it is happening? there is no firewall preventing the scanning....and I can see the website's links are being crawled, but after the scan finish, there is no severity. any tip on that?
    Paiva Luiz
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  • we have our automation suite triggering some of these POST requests, so is it possible to instrument Qualys during the automation suite run

    when we ran the Qualys scan for our application, we observed that some URLs are not scanned/triggered, do we know how we can make sure all the HTTP requests are scanned, is it possible to instrument Qualys with our au...
    Karteek Gande
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  • Is it possible to scan a site using two different user-agents ? 

    This would allow us to scan a single URL to access both mobile and non-mobile content.   Thanks
    Robo Scan
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  • Unauthenticated scan finds assets/urls that I can't browse to...

    I'm sure this question will show my ignorance--but I am running an unauthenticated scan on an application and am seeing findings on URLs that I can't even browse to.  When I try to browse to them, I get redirecte...
    Jamie Crow
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  • WAS Authenticated Scan Issue

    Recently, we had an issue while performing Authenticated Web Application Scanning. The scanner created random users about 60 users (username which is similar to sql injection command) and also it posted the pending tr...
    Anyl Mjn
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  • Authentication scan

    I'm new in Qualys, I don't know how to scan authentication scan,  I have tried basic and selenium script, but it's  failing.    Here is the script content :   <?xml version="1.0" encoding...
    Rajesh Sharma
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  • Rest API scan with SWAGGER URL

    Hello, we are starting to use Qualys to scan rest APIs. We have tried to perform scan with Postaman collection with uploading a variables which is clear more or less. Now we want to try a option with Swagger. So we n...
    Pavel Galatik
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  • Problem canceling authentication test

    I canceled the authentication test, deleted the web application, deleted all settings I made in Qualys, deleted the VM, "reseted" the entire account. The authentication test is in the state of "canceling" and not chan...
    Flavio Rossi
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  • SSL Checks in WAS

    How can we include SSL/TLS validation and SSL certificate mismatch checks as part of the web application scanning?
    Venkata Tirthala
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  • Authentication record for application in different language

    We have an application which is in French. The login screen has the fields in French i.e, "S'identifier" (for Username) and "Mot de passe" (for password). While creating the authentication record, if i select as e.g:...
    Suraj M
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  • Redundant Links

    Hello,  I want to know the meaning of Redundant Links when scanning web applications and a use case. Thank you.
    Moderan Amoussou
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  • HTTP vs HTTPS for a site

    If i configure a site as specifically HTTPS does the scanner check to see if the site also listens on HTTP ?     The same the other way around ?    I'd almost expect the site to scan on HTTP...
    Robo Scan
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