• CVE-2020-5357   Dell Dock Firmware Update Utilities Arbitrary File Overwrite Vulnerability

    CVE-2020-5357 Dell Dock Firmware Update Utilities Arbitrary File Overwrite Vulnerability Is there planned a detection of this vulnerabilty. We use the WD15 Device    DSA-2020-108: Dell Dock Firmware ...
    Hans-Juergen Kreutzer
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  • Scheduling settings

    I apologize as to what may seem like a simple question but I simply can not remember and don't have an ability to test this out.    I have an unauthenticated scan that needs to scan say 1000 ip addresses a ...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • When will the Qualys agent support Red Hat 8?

    Red Hat 8 was recently released, so when will the Qualys agent support this new version?
    Katie Perry
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  • TLS CBC Incorrect Padding Abuse Vulnerability

    CVE-2014-8730 and CVE-2015-3624 vulnerabilities have frequently appeared in Qualys recently. These vulnerabilities are related to TLS CBC Incorrect Padding Abuse in Netcaler, but I found that the result of Qualys...
    Mark Wang
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  • Stale dates in the "Last Detected" column

    A regularly scheduled scan ran early this week (5/18).  The boxes in the scan have all been up and have not been patched, rebooted, or down.  What does "Last Detected" mean in this context?  These alleg...
    Chris Knox
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  • How does one resolve QID-11827 (HTTP Security Header Not Detected) for VMware ESXi 6.7.0 build 16075168?

    How does one resolve QID-11827 (HTTP Security Header Not Detected) for VMware ESXi 6.7.0 build 16075168?  I mean, I don't control what VMware sends out with their built in web browser.   This is the Re...
    created by aaron.fetter
  • How much data does the Qualys Cloud Agent transmit?

    Does anyone know how much data the Qualys Cloud Agent transmits to the Cloud every 4 hours? And does it generate more data on the first evaluation/scan job?
    Scott Wilson
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  • LAN DNS Server can't resolve QG URL

    Hi,   I have installed a virtual scanner on my laptop using VMware workstation.   It worked fine for a while and suddenly gave me this error. I didn't change anything and my computer was always on. It actu...
    Max Max
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  • FYI, problem creating asset tags at moment on US POD1

    I've logged a ticket #812016 and the support analyst has agreed that he sees the same issue.   GUI hangs when creating tag in AssetView, and when creating one from VM module Asset Search results, we get an error.
    created by Chalky_White
  • Vuln Scans hung on few IPs(windows 10)

    Hi Guys   We have Discovery  and Vuln scan that intermittently cancels. The Discovery get hung on 2 IPs being Windows 10 and gets cancelled by service. The Vuln Scan run over period of 3 days using the pause...
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • What are the possible entries for "Vuln Status" and what do they mean?

    I see "Active," "Fixed," "New," and "Re-Opened" and I'm curious what each term really means.   Active: I assume it means it's being worked on, but by whom? Fixed:  Has it been mitigated by a patch that has...
    Chris Knox
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  • VM Design Proposal

    HI,   I need some advice for a design proposal to implement some VM scanners for a 70 plus remote site network.   1. Initially I will scan the remote subnets network equipment, maybe later hosts and server...
    Paul Harkins
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  • Scanning a Palo Alto PAN Firewall

    Hi all,   Is it possible to scan a Palo Alto Firewall with Vulnerability Managemenet using credentials? I haven't seen any vulnerability related to Palo Alto in the KnowledgeBase.   Thanks in advance.
    Albert Ros
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  • VM Reports: How to GROUP Findings by Vuln

    Vulnerability Management Module - Reports:   I'm trying to generate a host-based report in which the findings are grouped by vulnerability. Meaning the vulnerability, its title, solution, results, CVE, QID...etc...
    Mo Hasinie
    created by Mo Hasinie
  • EOL/Obsolete Mac OSX detections?

    Perhaps i'm being dim today, but i can't for the life of me find any QIDs relating to EOL Mac OSX ??   I see that we have a couple of Sierra clients, which i understand is non-supported and superceded with High-...
    created by Chalky_White
  • How to configure OS Patch levels into a report?

    Hi guys, I'm new to Qualys and have been given the task of locating the OS Patch levels into a report. So far I've tried using a patch report for this, but the options for displaying details don't give me enough contr...
    Josh Mayberry
    created by Josh Mayberry
  • Dashboard Toolbox - VM DASHBOARD: How To Enable the VM Dashboard within the Qualys UI

      New Vulnerability Management Dashboard: This is an opt-in feature for each user in the subscription.    Question:  How do I participate in the New Vulnerability Management Da...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Global IT Asset Inventory

    hi i want feedback about global it asset inventory qualys if anyone have experiences with this tools
    kaoutar saady
    created by kaoutar saady
  • Download results from Patch Management module

    Hi,   is there a way to download the results of a query in the PM management module? I need to export the patches I need to deploy, but I can't find any way to do so. (when I run a report searching for Qual...
    Max Max
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  • MS Teams deployment tool:  Squirrel

    I'm not a big fan of the brand new Squirrel QID 372014 and have questioned support #805475 with following concerns;   the QID is not marked “0 day”, despite there being no patch. there is no CVE, so n...
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