• What is the IP range for qualysguard.qg1.apps.qualys.in?

    Hi, my subscription is in https://qualysguard.qg1.apps.qualys.in/ Which IPs do I have to open for the scanner to be able to connect with Qualys servers? Is this range correct   Scanner is not ...
    Parvati R
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  • New VM Dashboard download doesn't show status

    Hello Community,   I am using the new VM Dashboard and filtering out Information and Disabled leaving only Fixed and Ignored showing.  In the dashboard it displayed "Fixed" and "Ignored".  This is grea...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Exclude QIDs not exploitable due to configuration

    I am struggling to understand conditions under which "QID 316212 : Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR Software Link Layer Discovery Protocol Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities(cisco-sa-20180328-lldp)" is suppressed from repor...
  • Bulk search based on name (DNS or Netbios)

    Hi, is there a way to do a bulk search based on hostname?   I need to search vulnerabilities for a list of servers and I need to use hostname rather than IP. Is there any way to search the list of the names? ...
    Max Max
    created by Max Max
  • VM Syntax Help

    I muddle my way thru a bunch of things here when it comes to Syntax of the queries. I am sure someone is going to slap my up side the face and point me to it...   My question is, is there a good syntax help fil...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Using a Search List in VM Dashboard?

    So I have 1 or 2 questions (depending on the answer of the first).   I wanted to setup a simple dashboard with large number of vulnerabilities.    One of these is in the form of a Dynamic Se...
    John Sponheimer
    created by John Sponheimer
  • How to scan the remote workforce? (working from home)

    I would like to do vulnerability scanning on our remote workers. People are now working from home. I would like to know if the devices they use for doing the work are safe, meaning antivirus is running and up to date...
    Bart van Moorsel
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  • Help! - How to open a Qualys Support case?

    Good morning!, I am in need of help on how to open up a Qualys Support case, It is not so straight forward. Can someone help me figure this out?   Much appreciated   Respectfully sent, Michael 
    Michael Flemmings
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  • Critical patch of scanner

    Hi,   Is there a way we can get notified about the critical patches released for our appliances?   Regards, Ayushi 
    Ayushi Tripathi
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  • Qualys PM - Time to add newly released patches?

    Hello,   Does anyone have an idea on how quickly patches announced by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday are loaded into the PM Module? Is there an SLA for this?    In the past couple months, I've noticed the...
    Ali Altaf
    created by Ali Altaf
  • Agent Support

    Greetings all.   I wanted to inquire from those that use Agents on Desktops/Laptops/Servers. How much time would you say is invested in support of Agents "going bad" or "not responding" or just "not working"? &...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Rebuild a Virtual Scanner

    Hi   I have a virtual scanner that's down for a while. We tried to get it back but unfortunately it's gone. I need to rebuild it. We are on VSphere Vcenter.   What would be the best way to do it?   ...
    Rashed Alam
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  • Secure DNS Possible False Positive

    Hello Fellow Forumers,   Hope everyone is well at this mad time!   I'm trying to understand a particular vulnerability which is showing on a Domain Controller. QID:15033 Title: Unauthenticated Dynamic DN...
    Chris Jones
    created by Chris Jones
  • No Host Alive

    Hi We have a tedious issue, when performing an EC2 scan's, the appliance identifies the hosts but once the scan completes is says "no hosts alive" and from 54 host's scanned 18 have "no host alive" connection.  ...
    Gaz H
    created by Gaz H
  • Windows authentication "not attempted"

    Windows authentication "not attempted", getting failure reason "The host was not scanned with authentication, or there are no records set up for the host type.". The asset that's failing to authenticate is in domain, ...
    Sameer Srivastava
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  • Could Agent URL

    Hi,    to be sure that everything is ok, what should I see when I try to connect through browser the CA URL https://qagpublic.qg1.apps.qualys.eu    I have some Windows servers 2012 that are ...
    Max Max
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  • Citrix Share File Vulnerabilities CTX269106

    Citrix Share FIle Vulnerabilties CTX269106 Citrix ShareFile storage zones Controller multiple security updates  CVE-2020-7473 CVE-2020-8982 CVE-2020-8983 Have you a idea when the detection is in place for this...
    Hans-Juergen Kreutzer
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  • Linux Authenticated Scans - Non Running Kernels

    When Qualys performs an authenticated scan against a Linux host, it will flag all old kernel versions present on the machine, even if they aren't running. Since it's standard procedure to leave old kernel versions on ...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Searching for Multiple QIDs

    Is there a way to search for details of multiple QIDs in the Qualys Knowledge Base? If I go to the Vulnerability Management module, and go to Knowledge Base > Knowledge Base > Search I am only able to enter one ...
    Dermot D
    created by Dermot D
  • Rights to CA asset like in Business Units

    Hi,   how can I give rights to some part of the asset that is scanned only through Cloud Agent?    For example, I have a 2 subnets and all the IPs in both of them are mounting the CA. However, I want ...
    Max Max
    created by Max Max