• QID 105829 EOL\Obsolete Software: Oracle JInitiator Detected

    I'm confused on this detection, Didn't oracle EOL this Software back in 2008 or 2009? why was this detection just added in December of this year? 
    Justin Twohy
    created by Justin Twohy
  • Does Qualys have a way to determine superseded patches?

    Is there a way to know if Qualys matches the CVEs to superseded/non-superseded patches?   Thanks,   Rohil
    Rohil S
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  • Maximum Length of RegEx Asset Tag Rule in AssetView

    Does anyone know the maximum length a RegEx asset tag rule can be in AssetView?  Someone has created one that has been working and then added to it.  Its length is now 150 characters long and it seems to hav...
    John Malon
    created by John Malon
  • Oracle iPlanet Web Server

    Hi there,   Does anyone know when is the EOS/EOL of iPlanet 7.0.15? I tried to google but can't seem to find any relevant infos
    Mina Medel
    created by Mina Medel
  • Download/ export data out of widgets/ Vulnerabilities tab

    Hi All,   I really like the view from the widgets and the output we see in the vulnerabilities tab.   However, was wondering if there a way to export out these results as csv?   I'm not referrin...
    Akash Singh
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  • Cloud Agent - How to manually force communication?

    Hello Community! I want to know how to manually force the Cloud Agent to refresh (submit delta to Cloud Platform?). it's very time consuming to patch a testing system, and have to wait until it automatically communi...
    Miguel Arenas
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  • Best Practice for host Tracking?

    Hello all,    I have a question. Over the last year or so I have been working with Qualys and our remediation team and have noticed that there are some issues within our Vulnerability management module. For...
    Justin Twohy
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  • Clients not reporting Patch Management data

    I followed the PM User Guide up to the point where the patch vulnerability data should be reporting to the console, but it is not. I loaded the Cloud Agent on two machines and waited overnight for results, but no agen...
    Peter Crane
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  • Extract Assets and Asset Owners

    Is there a way to produce a report or some sort that shows all assets and the asset owner for each?
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  • Wrong OS detected by Qualys

    Hi,   We have a server running on OS AIX 7.1 but qualys scanner results shows AIX 6.1. Is this a bug?
    Mina Medel
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  • Uninstalling Cloud Agents on rebuilt assets

    A Cloud Agent is installed on an asset, the asset is then rebuilt and a new Cloud Agent is installed. 2 instances of the CA can now be seen in the Cloud Agent module, AssetView, VM module because a new UUID has been c...
    Mark Christian
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  • Virtual Scanner question - Can the OVA virtual scanner be upgraded?

    Hello,   Can anyone tell me if a virtual scanner amount CPU and RAM could be increased to increase scan performance?  Virtualization platform is VMWare.  Sort of a strange question, but our Virtualizat...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • When does a Vulnerability Fall off after last detected?

    Working through our organization's Vulnerabilities and patches and while revisiting missed Patches for January's Patch Tuesday, I noticed that Qualys was still reporting last detected vulnerabilities from August or ea...
    Justin Twohy
    last modified by Justin Twohy
  • How to get notifications

    how can i get notifications when ssllabs changes the way it scores certificates?
    Trevor Bernard
    last modified by Trevor Bernard
  • Report by CVE?

    Is it possible to generate asset/vulnerability report by CVE?   Example CVE-2019-11751 - IP of host1 CVE-2019-11751 - IP of host2 CVE-2019-11746 - IP of host1 CVE-2019-11744 - IP of host2 CVE-2019-11744 - IP of...
    last modified by lukcem
  • Qualys monitoring their *own* servers?

    I've discovered that Qualys is allowing its own servers to run with expired certificates. Why is this happening?!?   IP PORT CERTIFICATE COMMON NAME START DATE EXPIRATION DATE 443 port...
    Kenneth Ord
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  • QID - 100319 potential False Positive?

    Hello all,   I have been noticing that QID - 100319 has been showing up in my scans ( its a Microsoft Internet Explorer Security update for September 2017) as Microsoft practices Cumulative updates and I am not ...
    Justin Twohy
    last modified by Justin Twohy
  • Anyone ever have issues with activating physical scanners?

    Hello,   We recently purchased some physical scanners and deployed them.  When setting them up, the personalization codes were not displayed on front and I had to get them from support.  Also, most of ...
    Rusty Qualyz
    created by Rusty Qualyz
  • Anyone now if there is an Information QID for Windows Server 2019?

    Hello,   I am trying to edit a widget that will show Windows Server 2019.  I found all the informational QID's for the Windows operating systems except for Server 2019.  Any idea when that will be publ...
    Rusty Qualyz
    created by Rusty Qualyz
  • Can SNMP be configured in QGSA-4120-A1 appliance to monitor performance (CPU, Memory)?

    Good Morning. I wanted to know if you can configure SNMP in the QGSA-4120-A appliance to be able to monitor your CPU and memory. I want to know if this configuration is done by GUI or by CLI. Thank you.