• Host assets show all IPs for each network

    Hi,   I don't know if this is a critical issue but we have multiple networks in our Qualys account. When I look through the Host Assets tab for each network, I see the same external IP mapped to all the networks...
    Rohil S
    created by Rohil S
  • .NET Framework Service Packs - All of a Sudden

    All of a sudden, in VM, I'm getting reports that .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 are not installed on all of my workstations (Agent-based reporting). Those are QIDs 90561 and 90...
    Charles Hill
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  • QID:372245 Logic Question

    Hey folks,   Could someone help me understand QID:372245 which relates to CVE-2019-9701 and vendor Reference SYMSA1484.    The logic seems to be written in a way that it's triggering on versions ...
    Christopher McKay
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  • I got this QIDs 370468 and 370286 regarding Chrome WebEx vulnerability- what sort of mitigating controls could we implement on this one? THANKS!

    A vulnerability in Cisco WebEx browser extensions can allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the affected browser on an affected system. This vulnerability affects t...
    Rommel Abrau
    last modified by Rommel Abrau
  • The Growing Need of Mobile Threat Defense

    Mobile threats and vulnerabilities have always been a concern and this has further elevated with the rapid ubiquity and usage of mobile technology. Mobile Threats are significant concerns among Enterprises, which are ...
    Arpita Biswas
    last modified by Arpita Biswas
  • Qualys API Integration with BMC Remedy ticketing

    Hi Team,   I would like to have suggestion on Integration workflow via Qualys API .    1) Perform scans on system pools using QGVM and automate opening of tickets within #BMC Remedy SMART IT Tool# ...
    Raghav Gopal
    last modified by Raghav Gopal
  • Reporting and dashboard customization

    I want to create few graphs like Top 25 vulnerability, top 20 vulnerable hosts, segregation of vulnerability on a particular host or OS. how can i write queries for this and achieve desired graphs (pie/bar)
    Rits K
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  • Does Qualys have a way to determine superseded patches?

    Is there a way to know if Qualys matches the CVEs to superseded/non-superseded patches?   Thanks,   Rohil
    Rohil S
    last modified by Rohil S
  • Scorecard reports: New vs. Age 0-30 days

    We are scanning IP ranges on a Monthly basis and running a related Scorecard report after the Monthly run. Within the Scorecard reports there are two particular fields I'd like to zoom into, in this question: 1. Stat...
    Tom Noorman
    last modified by Tom Noorman
  • Asset tags and Asset Groups

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone can shed some light to understand Asset tags and Asset groups along with its individual usage? I am confused in using it.Wanna know the differences if they have.
    Preethi R
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  • Oracle Authentication Scan

    Hello All,  I am trying to perform an authentication scan on Oracle databases and the only way I see to create an authentication record is per instance because of the unique instance identifier names. For exampl...
    Ajay Nyayapathi
    last modified by Ajay Nyayapathi
  • Scanner role can't select appliance

    Hi, I configured some users and added them to the role 'scanner'. They are able to access the VM module, go to 'scans' and to open the "new scan" dialog. My issue is now, that the drop down box, with which you would ...
    Michael Clemens
    last modified by Michael Clemens
  • Ability to assigned multiple users to vulnerability Remediation tickets

    Ability to assigned multiple users to vulnerability Remediation tickets. Currently when creating a new policy rule, the actions only allow to assign to a single user.  With over 500+ open tickets this should be ...
    Omni User
    last modified by Omni User
  • Qualys Agent on arm64 based device (i.g Raspberry Pi)

    Hi   I was wondering if a package was available to deploy Qualys Agents on arm64 based devices such as Raspberry Pi or if such a feature is in the pipe?   Best Regards Simon
    Simon Na
    created by Simon Na
  • Fifth and not last week of the month

    Hi,   Every month, I need to run a report all weeks, excluding the 2nd one. So,   the 1st, the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th Thursday.   In Qualys there is the option for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and...
    Max Max
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  • Please help to download the Vulnerability Management Exercises and Slides

    Where can we find # the Vulnerability Management Exercises and Slides
    Mohammed Abdul Rahman
    last modified by Mohammed Abdul Rahman
  • Alternative names - Mismatch

    Hi,   I had installed nginx on centos 7.7 and configured two websites on it. When i check the quality of those sites, one url "my1.domain.com" is fine and other one "my2.domain.com" is stating alternative names ...
    Karthik Damaraju
    last modified by Karthik Damaraju
  • Authentication report for active hosts

    Hi All,   Is there a way to configure an auth report/template for auth QIDs just for the hosts that are currently active? I have a lot of hosts in my auth profile which are currently not active and would not lik...
    Rohil S
    last modified by Rohil S
  • Scan Performance Settings - Packet Delay

    Hello, I am playing with scan performance settings. In guide is written this: Packet delay This is the delay between groups of packets sent to each scanned host. A short delay means that packets are sent more fre...
    Pavel Galatik
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  • Mass Deletion of Remediation Tickets

    I'm trying to perform a mass deletion of existing remediation tickets in my subscription. The previous administrator had created a policy that opened a ticket for every severity 4 & 5 vulnerability in the subscrip...
    Colton Pepper
    last modified by Colton Pepper