• Qualys VM Error Message

    My security engineer is getting the following error. "error: Network error 05: QG SSL cert validation failed."  Qualys appliance fails to connect during the negotiation.We are not performing any SSL decryption. A...
    Victor Leung
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  • merge files and produce report

    Looking for what folks are using to import files from Qualsys. Like to automate process and stop doing manual excel process. Does Qualsys have a program?
    john cox
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  • Authentication Failure

    Hi everyone,   I was wondering if anyone had some insight as to why a Unix box would have QID 105015 Windows Authentication Failed error?      Please Help,   Devin
    Devin Valentine
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  • Symantec IRC 6667 from Qualys Server

    I'm unable to understand some data from an MSSP, Symantec. I'm recieving a continual report about IRC Activity on a network, port 6666/6667. The source ip in this report is a Qualys server. I'm unable to tell if this ...
    Jim Lewis
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  • Creating Scan Blacklist

    Our organization has some devices which will fail if scanned. We expect to have this resolved, but in the mean time we want to ensure that these devices are not accidentally scanned. Is there a blacklist or other no-s...
    Daniel Miller
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  • Question about automatically adding items from map scans to list of assets

    Is there a way to add items mapped from a map scan to the asset list without having to manually go into the scan and add them?
    Cody Rose
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  • How can I assign vulnerabilities to the respective server owner so that they receive an email notifications?

    Hi, I am new to Qualys. How can I assign vulnerabilities to the respective server owner so that they receive an email automatically about the same.   Remediation Using Qualys APIs. remediation_ticketing...
    last modified by ANAMIKA SHARMA
  • Filtering Vulnerabilities Based On "Title" In Report

    In our process we need to filter our vulnerabilities  based on a few keywords(JAVA,.NET,XML etc.) found in "Title". Right now I am downloading the report and filtering out manually. But in order to automate the p...
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  • Dashboard Toolbox - AssetView: Cloud Agent Management Enterprise View v1.3

    This AssetView Dashboard will enable you to get an instant view into different KPIs for your Cloud Agent Deployments.   Quick dashboarding and views to key indicators assist and prioritize your cloud agent deplo...
    Felix Jimenez
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  • Ignore or disable vulnerability

    Hi Guys, i working on configuration and "gool" solution is disabled or ingnored vulnerability in VM and ThreatProtect module. Actualy i have set specific vulnerability as disabled, but i still see this vulnerability...
    Radek Chvatal
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  • Way to discover hosts using all 65k ports?

    Hello,   I was wondering if anybody has figured out a way to perform host discovery using more than just the 20 TCP ports allowed? I am looking to do a more wholesome discovery scan that will encompass all 65k p...
    Jack P
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  • VM Scanning Issue

    Hi   I have been trying to scan an individual (IP) for test purposes, TAG all ready exists and under asset's, it has the relevant instance id's and IP.   However, when I try to run the scan, tried few time...
    Gaz H
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  • QID 38603 - SSLv3 Padding Oracle Attack Information Disclosure Vulnerability (POODLE)

    I was just wondering why QID 38603 for POODLE does not provide information in the results section?     Thank you!
    John Malon
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  • Recently Published CVEs for CISCO CDPwn Vulnerabilities

    Any news as to when the QIDs for these vulnerabilities will be made available?   Cisco Confirms 5 Serious Security Threats To ‘Tens Of Millions’ Of Network Devices 
    Alvaro Higuero
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  • Agent & scanner potential conflict?

    If we are running appliance scans on our assets with agents - what is the behavior we should be expecting / are there any potential conflicts if those scans are running on an asset concurrently (if even possible)?
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  • Ignoring Vuln Ticket. Will it disappear from reporting?

    Hello,   If a ticket is ignored for a patch/vulnerability, will it appear in a scan or patch report? For example, if we have 6u51 Java installed (most current under extended support) on a machine, 105490 will be...
    Qualys Boss
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  • Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?

    Uptime QIDs made useful in a Dashboard?   Greetings all.   I was digging around on the forums here and found the following uptime QIDs thanks to others posts here...I wanted to focus in here.   vulne...
    John Sponheimer
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  • ColdFusion detection false positive?

    Anyone ever experience false positive detections for Adobe ColdFusion 2016?   I have rarely experienced any false positives from Qualys in the few years i have used it, so I'm struggling to accept that it m...
    Nicholas Sveen
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  • Qualys Scan Notifications

    Hey Guys   When setting up distribution lists on Qualys for scan notifications, does it allow just user email addresses or email distribution lists too?   Thanks J
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • Support to authenicated scan for UCS

    Has anyone got Qualys to do an authenticated scan against UCS yet?  I was able to get it to authenticate ok, but it was getting this in the debug scan "Data received from target does not match any known pattern -...
    Kevin Williamson
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