• Best practices for scanning routers ?

    Qualys doesn't support "unified view" for Cisco routers.  Meaning every vulnerability detected via authenticated VM scan will show N times, where N is the number of interfaces being scanned.   In order for a...
    Jake VanMast
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  • SAML 2.0 Integration Request Form

    If you are requesting to enable SAML 2.0 integration on your account please complete this form when submitting your request.
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  • Reporting Question -- csv files

    I'm getting a csv file that is essentially a dump of the vulnerability report.  For some reason, every line is trailed by 6,509 commas.  Can somebody tell me why?  Is there a way to get the report witho...
    Chris Knox
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  • What is the right API to get scan results?

    On GUI it's very easy: after the scan, on the scans tab i'm clicking on my scan title, preview will open below and when I click on 'View Results' new window will be open with the report (and then i can save it to...
    ps dev
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  • How to  automatically deploy Qualys Security Solution on new Azure Subscriptions ?

    Hi together,   we are currently in the situation, that we have secured all our Azure Subscriptions with a Qualys Security Solution via the Azure Security Center. (Large Enterprise Enviroment >40 Subscriptions...
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  • Removing (or including) hosts in report with certain vulnerabilities

    Hi, everyone. My name is Chris, AFIR this is my first post here   I've tried dozens of deferent things and finally decided to fo public with my problem. My goal is to get (for example) hosts that are clea...
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  • What "instance ad2008" means?

    I ran an authenticated scan, do you know what "instance ad2008" or "instance ad2012", mean, please?   I found this info in the appendix where there are the results of the host scanned, not alive, etc.   Th...
    Max Max
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  • Where can I find a yes/no field indicating whether a solution is available for a particular vulnerability?

    I am looking at what I thought was a complete dump of the Qualys data showing vulnerabilities discovered in my environment.  No single field that I see indicates whether a fix is available for a particular QID.&#...
    Chris Knox
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  • Additional Ports - Your thoughts & Opinions?

    Hi All,   As I'm sure we're all aware, when running discovery scans (Maps) and vulnerability scans, we can specify additional ports to be scanned, either during the vuln scan, map scan or the host discovery. ...
    Chris Jones
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  • Groovy Script: Find Vuln by Title

    Hi,   I'd like to use a groovy script which returns true, if teh asset has any vulnerability whit a title beginning with "Foo". I only know how to do this when a QID is known:   asset.resultsForQid(123456L...
    Michael Clemens
    created by Michael Clemens
  • Asset group update via API

    Hi,   I am trying to add/update my asset groups using API with python. I am passing a list as input to ips/add_ips parameter. Unfortunately, only the last element is getting added into the asset group.   A...
    Rohil S
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  • Question about the new Dashboard

    Hello,   I am trying to create a Dashboard of just the Active vulnerabilities that are confirmed.  When I create the query, it includes Potential for some reason.  I would really just like to see the C...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Qualys and Infoblox Integration?

    Hello Community,   I hope everyone is doing well.  Has anyone tried to integrate Qualys and Infoblox?  There was an older post I posted well over a year ago and no one had done this yet.  Wanted t...
    Rusty Qualyz
    created by Rusty Qualyz
  • Qualys doesn't recognise OS

    I have ran an authenticated scan, but in some cases Qualys is not able to recognise the OS and it gives me something like Windows 2008 R2/7 or Windows 2016/2019/10.   This despite the fact that I inclu...
    Max Max
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  • Authentication failed c000018d

    Hi,   I am receiving this error, c000018d,  while running an authenticated scan on some Windows Servers.    Any idea what this is about and how to solve it?   Thanks
    Max Max
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  • How can we generate a report that contains "IP","Appliance used to scan","Asset Group" "Last scan date"  ?

    We would like to find the appliance used for scanning in the past for a particular asset.
    Chandra Sekhar
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  • Questions regarding VM Scanning

    Hi,   I had some questions about the way Qualys scans the targets.   1. Our scans run during a specific time slot each day of the week. Some of the scans do not resume the next day and remains in the pause...
    Rohil S
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  • Identifying and Removing Duplicate Unique IDs (UUIDs) in Qualys (Revisited)

    Identifying and Removing Duplicate Unique IDs (UUIDs) in Qualys   Duplicate UUIDs normally appear when an asset is “cloned” that already contains a Qualys UUID. The UUID is stored in the registry key...
    John Malon
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  • What does the "Ignored" checkbox do when selected?

    Hi,   In the Vulnerability Filters section of the Edit Scan Report Template, what does the "Ignored" checkbox do when it is selected?   Thank you!
    James Hardy
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  • Scanning for TLS 1.0 and 1.1

    I am suddenly hitting a wall.  I know I should know this. Given I have a TAG of the assets...what is the best way to export the assets using TLS 1.0 and 1.1   I know I am forgetting something.
    John Sponheimer
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