• LDAP Authentication for MongoDB

    Please advice if we can setup LDAP authentication for MongoDB Policy Compliance scans. MongoDB runs on a Linux machine in such case how do we setup LDAP Authentication. 
    created by cutekido
  • Custom Query Execution on Database in Qualys via PC Module

    IS there a way to run custom Query's on database using Qualys?
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  • Policy Compliance report template frameworks

    Hi,   when creating a report template, there is the option to choose the framework you are interested to.   In this way, from my understanding, the report should show only the controls that are related wit...
    Max Max
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  • Policy Compliance for Agent-only Deployment

    When will the policy compliance module be available to those who have only agents deployed? I was told at this point you must have an appliance onsite to use that module.
    Scott McIntosh
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  • What anti-virus software is installed across the enterprise?

    As a governance and compliance group, we would like to be able to perform searches to determine the various anti-virus software (and various versions) installed across the enterprise.   What is the best way to a...
    Larry Virden
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  • Oracle DB - PC Scan with Cloud Agent

    Hi,   I know that is possible have a PC scan of a MS SQL Database, using a cloud agent.   I was wondering if it is possible even with Oracle DBs and how to do it.   Thanks
    Max Max
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  • Custom control with PowerShell

    Hello, We have a few situations across the organization that would be very useful to have the ability to write custom controls using PowerShell. For example, we have .net core versions and running and the only way to...
    Anthony Rea
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  • Not so straight-forward results of PC UDCs

    I encountered some strange results when some UDCs were assessed in the PC module:   1) First control: """     .... Ensure that a registry is set to 'Disabled' """ > Expected: "equal to 0" >...
    Ionut Pruteanu
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  • Download list of policies from library

    Hello,   Is there any way I can download a list of policies from Qualys library?   Thanks!
    Nataliia Myslyvtes
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  • Assign UDC Manifest in Bulk

    I had 1,820 cloud agents installed before I created my first User Defined Control (UDC). For newer cloud agent installs, UDC manifest is automatically getting assigned. How can I assign UDC manifest to the older 1,820...
    Nawab Kabir
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  • How to get a PCI Report Certified by Qualys

    What are the steps needed to get a PCI report certified by Qualys?
    Sam Friday
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  • Google Chrome vulnerability

    Hi All, In our environment some of devices do not have google chrome installed still it is showing vulnerable to chrome for different previous version. I have checked system installation and user profiles and registry...
    Arun Kumar
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  • QID 68519 - RPC Mountd Information Disclosure Vulnerability

    We have a customer scan reporting this issue for an NFS v4 system, but according to the development team who supports this system, this is a v3 behavior issue.  They are recommending that the test include the fol...
    George Johnson
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  • Feature Request - Policy Compliance - Control View

    When Policy Compliance and Search Criteria fields actually work on the Control View pane it would be nice so that when you perform a search for a specific host, OR not it only shows you the details from the last scan....
    created by theone2018
  • PC Reporting - Control Criticality Values

    Hi Everyone,   when running host based PC reports there is a nice pie chart delivered which details the control pass and failures and their criticality ratings. This is great for managing remediation activities ...
    Colin Riddell
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  • Scan Based Compliance Report

    In the VM module there is the option to either get a scan based report for a particular scan or a host based report for all the scan conducted on a target. Is there a way to get a scan based report in the PC module? I...
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  • Multiple acceptable control values for Policy Compliance

    Hi.    I have a question around configuring controls in Policy Compliance, specifically for Oracle. We have a number of standard in place for settings, but some default accounts or profiles do not need to a...
    John Kelly
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  • previous versions of CIS SUSE Linux 12

    Hi,   Is there a way to download and import previous versions of CIS SUSE Linux 12.x 2.0 benchmarks? My security baseline were based on the previous iteration of CIS v2.0 of SUSE Linux
    Kehao Tan
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  • Find a specific RegKey

    Hi All,   Wondering if you can help:   Using either CA or authenticated scanning, is there a QID to find a specific RegKey?   In this case, i'm looking to see which of our Assets have got NLA require...
    Chris Jones
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  • CIS benchmarks L1, Server 2016 Member on firewall settings

    Hi,  We seem to have an issue with one of the CIS benchmarks around Server 2016 and the firewall settings. I'm not sure if we are missing something due to a mixed message between the Group Policy wording, Regist...