• Website ADA Compliance Checker

    Does Qualys have a ADA Compliance Checker report profile or something that rates how compliant it is with Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the 21st Century Communications and Video...
    Sam Friday
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  • SCA Policies

    On SCA, for each technology there are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 1 + 2 policies. What are the differences between those? On which scan should I use them? Also, all of them are marked as "Scored", what does it me...
    Adrian Prieto
    created by Adrian Prieto
  • Exceptions in PC

    Is it possible to add directories/files in exception for a control (rather than hosts) in Policy Compliance?
    Anvesh T
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  • MSSQL Compliance Controls

    Hi,   I have a question around the compliance controls and Microsoft SQL Server.   Our DBAs have noticed that the reports are generating control failures for each database instance when in fact the control...
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  • Custom WMI Query

    I'm pretty terrible at getting these custom WMI queries figured out, but luckily there's a community that I can ask.   A bit of backstory in case someone has a better solution/suggestion. We use the CIS policies...
    Adam Browning
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  • Exchange Server 2016

    Does Exchange Server 2016 need a SMB version when setting up the Windows Record?  This is the only setting I haven't Tried.   Im having issues achieving Authentication with the Servers that have Exchan...
    Ben Trevino
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  • Customize SAQ Send Campaign Template

    Is it possible to customize the text in the campaign message that will be sent to recipients when a new campaign is launched? I've looked through the new template creation, and I've tried to look through all campaign ...
    Micheal Stephenson
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  • First detected date for CIDs in PC reports

    Is there a way to get the "First Detect" date of a CID to show up in a PC report, similar to how it will show for QIDs in a vulnerability report?   This column could be useful for prioritization and tracking tre...
    Mark A
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  • Qualys GDPR Question

    Can anyone tell me, does qualys has a template to scan for GDPR controls ? If yes, where can i find the template ?   qualys vm gdpr compliance
  • Feature Requests - Policy Compliance

    1. I wish that in Policy Compliance when searching against a Policy or Control you could select an option to just return the last result detected, instead of every result that every was found.  Last Scan Date and...
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  • MySQL Authentication for PC

    Hello,   I keep getting an error of the sort:    MySQL authentication was NOT successful on host xxx.xxx.xxx, port xxxx, database xxxxxx, reason: Access denied for user 'QUALYS_SCAN'@'%' to database 'x...
    Ajay Desai
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  • how to check if something went Out of Compliance after a server was put into production?

    in compliance module, is there a way to identify if something went out of compliance after a server was put into production?
    James Lieu
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  • Asset View - How to query assets policy compliane data?

    I am trying to add an asset view widget for policy compliance related data to a dashboard. E.g. num of total compliance failures for set of assets. Is it possible? how which attributes to use. I see primarily you can ...
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  • Transfer from Policy Compliance module to Security Configuration Assessment module

    I would like to ask for an advice. In case we go from Policy Compliance (PC) module to Secure Configuration Assessment (SCA) module, can we use existing edited CIS policies from Policy Compliance? Export them and...
  • How long does it usually take Qualys to release the scan criteria for new CIS Benchmarks?

    How long does it usually take Qualys to release the scan criteria for new CIS Benchmarks?   (I am interested in Windows Server 2019 that will be supposedly released by September)
    Morrys Lan
    created by Morrys Lan
  • no /var/tmp found

    In 1.1.8, the location /var/tmp needs to have nodev permission set. The problem is we do not have the folder location (not found) and we passed the checks with the default policy benchmarks.   In the control ite...
    Kehao Tan
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  • "Activity Log" not Capturing Changes to Roles

    Audit Acitivity in Qualysguard is not capturing  1. Role Creation 2. Role Modification 3. Role Deletion   Is there a reason for this ? Any one has any idea ?
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  • SCA scan logs

    Hi there i would appreciate if somebody can indicate where i can get the logs with a SCA scan on Solaris 11. No qualys agent is installed.   thank you. Thewie.
    Thewie Eksteen
    created by Thewie Eksteen
  • Custom Query Execution on Database in Qualys via PC Module

    IS there a way to run custom Query's on database using Qualys?
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  • Policy Compliance report template frameworks

    Hi,   when creating a report template, there is the option to choose the framework you are interested to.   In this way, from my understanding, the report should show only the controls that are related wit...
    Max Max
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