• Manually start Cloud Agent scan on MacOS.

    Is there a way to manually start a VM scan on Mac OS using the Cloud Agent?
    John Bullough
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  • Cloud Agent - how does it scan open ports from the machine it's on ?

    We're on the points of converting our QNS / VM licenses over to Cloud Agent with VM licenses.   The question remains about how the Cloud Agent will scan for listening and established ports on the machine that it...
    Joseph Rose
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  • Cloud Agent for Chromebook

    Hello, I'm enquiring as to whether there are any plans to offer a Cloud Agent to run natively on Chromium OS ?   Chromebooks are a low cost thin-client alternative which can also be used remotely via Office 365...
    Joseph Rose
    created by Joseph Rose
  • EU1 down?

    Hi guys, I'm seeing "Service Unavailable" trying to log to the platform. Anyone else?   Thank you,   [edit] Qualys confirmed the platform is down:   Qualys, Inc. Status 
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  • Cloud Agent not reporting

    Since the end of January, none of our Cloud Agents have reported back. We have had confirmation that agents are processing and sending data but nothing has updated.   Installed into a Lab with almost no firewall...
    Chris Jones
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  • Qualys WAS app for Splunk not showing data

    I am attempting to set up and utilize the Qualys Technology Add-On (TA) for Splunk and the Qualys WAS app for Splunk Enterprise.   I have my heavy forwarder installed with the TA.  The inputs.conf contains ...
    Tim Sheets
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  • Setting up a Virtual Scanner

    For any internal Maps and Scans you’d like to perform (not needed for external), the Qualys Virtual Scanner User Guide and the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance reference provide details on the Vir...
    Scott Suhy
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  • Multifactor Authentication via Microsoft AD to Qualys

    Hi all, Just trying to compile a correct question and target the right crowd here so please send me your thought and feedback. Okey here is questions: How many AD groups do we need for integration of Microsoft AD t...
    Vida Ai
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  • VMDR: Limited Patch Detection

    Hi, I can't see any documentation of the limited patch detection of the VMDR, how it differs on the Patch Management module. What are the functional that LPD only has on the PM module. Thank you
    Ryan Mark Yecyec
    created by Ryan Mark Yecyec
  • LAN DNS failed

    LAN DNS failed   Trying to install a new physical Qualys appliance. Can anyone help in resolving this error?
    Victor A
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  • From where i can download qualys agent for Ubuntu

    Hi,        From where i can download qualys cloud agent. For downloading the cloud agent do i need to login into qualys? I am trying login into application but it's getting failed.   Thanks...
    Uttam Chavan
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  • Scanner Appliance Model Number

    How would I determine the "model number" of my Qualys Scanner Appliance? I need to ship it and need to determine insurance value which I can't seem to do without an actual model.
    Melissa Milinovich
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  • Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

    What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...   Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb: Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc.  ^probably should be updated   Are there pl...
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  • Windows Cloud Agent - failed to start service after reboot

    Hello,    New user of Qualys here.  I recently deployed the Cloud Agent to ~100 Windows and Linux servers.      I ran Windows Update on 3 servers today and after rebooting the Cloud Age...
    Frank Diag
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  • Authentication failed ntstatus=22220016

    Trying to figure out what ntstatus=22220016 means.  Anyone seen this before?  I find other status numbers in these forums but not this particular number. 
    Kevin Twingstrom
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  • Which IP address I should whitelist on my Firewall so  Web Application Scanning can run properly?

    Hi guys,   Do anyone now which IP address i should Whitelist on my firewall so I can run passed by my firewall. I found this information but i'm not sure.   https://discussions.qualys.com/docs/DOC-4865-kno...
    Felipe Bertolini
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  • Qualys Authentication

    I have a few windows servers where authentication is not being attempted.     My question is, at what point does Qualys determine if it’s going to authenticate or not?  I’m not even g...
    Carolyn Spengler
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  • Citrix ADC flaw - no QID yet - CVE-2019-19781

    Hi all, i've raised a ticket #751285 for this urgent flaw in Citrix ADC/Netscaler, for which a mitigating control can be implemented.   Mitigation Steps for CVE-2019-19781    Thanks, Tony
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  • Feature Request - Windows 10/2016+ Operating System Detection

    Please improve Operating System detection so that it shows the real build number instead of using the Windows 10 Feature codenames such as Redstone, Threshold etc.  All documentation as well should reflect the Bu...
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  • How can I get Reports to work?

    I'm using a trial (Consultant) version.  I have three test Windows 10 workstations with the cloud agent installed. Vulnerability scan are successfully being run and vulnerabilities are being reported to the conso...
    Peter Crane
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