• Can the cloud agent be run at the hypervisor level?

    Can the cloud agent be run at the hypervisor level for VMWare or do I need to install a separate agent on each virtual machine?
    Joseph Cates
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  • Cloud Agent scan and Knowledge Base

    Hello, Do I need to include the Knowledge Base in my subscription if I want to use Cloud Agents (VM)? Thanks Frederic
    Frederic Jullien
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  • Can I Change Firewall Ports for Qualys Gateway Service Virtual Appliance ?

    Qualys Gateway Service   How can the firewall ports that this uses to communicate with : a) Qualys Cloud Platform b) Qualys CLoud Agents ...be controlled , on the QGS virtual appliance, final beta ??   ...
    Joseph Rose
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  • credentialed vs non-credentialed scans

    If you are doing a credentialied scan (a host scan), then there is less load on the network and presumably you get better information back such a registry scan information and file attribute information. However, if...
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  • User Permission

    Hi guys, is there any way to create a user with permission to a module without giving permission to VM or PC module?   I would like to create a user with only permission to AssetView.   Thanks!
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  • QSC Vegas 2019?

    I'm curious if there's any details on QSC 2019 Vegas? Is this still happening this year? Thank you.
    Danny Danny
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  • Windows Cloud Agent now at 7mb for installer?

    What happened to when the installer was only 1-2mb in size...   Even your website says it should still only be less than 3mb: Cloud Agent | Qualys, Inc.  ^probably should be updated   Are there pl...
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  • Did Emergency Maintenance Occur on US POD2 on Sept. 11th?

    Dear Community,   I received an email from Qualys last night stating US Platform 2 would be having emergency maintenance on Sept. 11 at 22:00 PDT.  However, I didn't receive an early notification this would...
    John Malon
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  • Cloud Agent does not gather metadata/Perform scan on Linux machines which is installed on VMware Workstation.

    On Inspecting the Logs - I could find that there are http connect failure issue / SSL certificate issue. I'm not sure how to set a proxy connection. As read the document, for Linux/UNIX machine proxy is not required. ...
    Kiran Vijay
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  • Posibilities of external scan

    Hello, What is the possibilities what external scan can do, it is the same like internal scan? Can I get the information what ports are open on scanned IPs?   Thank you, Best Regards
    Monica Smith
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  • Has anyone seen QID's show up that are not in the KnowledgeBase?

    We found two QID's today that are not in the Qualys KnowledgeBase, however there are remediation tickets for both QID's.   371979    ImageMagick Denial of Service Vulnerability 372020   Google Chr...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Problems with VM and PM modules enabled at the same time?

    I've been fighting problems trying to run VM and PM on my company laptops, especially with PM running just once and then misreporting asset numbers, missing and applied patches. After trying everything I could think o...
    Kenneth Ord
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  • Cloud Agent Returning Generic OS

    Anyone else seeing an increasing number of cloud agent assets with generic operating system values (ex: Windows)? I have over 1,000 in my account now. I've checked and they've completed both vulnerability and inventor...
    Jordan Greene
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  • IP Allocations per Scanner

    Hi Guys   Do any of you know how the Qualys scanners allocated the IPs to be scanned in the asset group. So for example, we allocate 6 scanners to an asset group which contains 50 hosts, the scan job cancels eve...
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • Scanner Utilization Dashboard

    Hi Guys   We have many subscriptions but wanted to find out what the utilization is on the scanners in total so that we can assign the appropriate scanners to scans?   Is there a script or a dashboard to v...
    Junaid Mahomed
    created by Junaid Mahomed
  • Linux Cloud Agent Memory Usage

    My proxy agent was not working and the cloud agents seemed to be stashing their updates that they could not send to Qualys. This caused a lot of memory and swap space to be used.  After the proxy was restarted we...
    charles robbins
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  • Scan cancelled at the 2hour mark when it has a 3 hour window

    HI Guys   We hae a number of job cancelling and one of them had a 3hour window until it will cancel but cancelled at the 2h17min mark, is there any reason this could be and where could I look into to find the is...
    Junaid Mahomed
    created by Junaid Mahomed
  • Scan Jobs Cancelling

    Im trying to determine why scans with a scan window are cancelling, even thought more than enough scanners are allocated to the Asset Group. In addition, some scans are not using the Default Scanner identified in the...
    Junaid Mahomed
    created by Junaid Mahomed
  • Unable to Delete a User in Qualys

    " Following users cannot be deleted. Please check the reasons below and proceed to make appropriate changes before deleting these users. <UserName>    This user has at least one scan or map in run...
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  • Qualys Cloud Suite and Qualys Cloud Platform Updates shown on QG Portal Not Sync with Version Update News?

    Hi, Anyone know when Qualys portal get updated? I am a customer on  Qualys Guard 3 portal, which currently shows Qualys Cloud Suite version 8.19 and Qualys Cloud Platform 2.38. These versions were last update...
    Joshua Chua
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