• Qualys Authentication

    I have a few windows servers where authentication is not being attempted.     My question is, at what point does Qualys determine if it’s going to authenticate or not?  I’m not even g...
    Carolyn Spengler
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  • Authentication failed ntstatus=22220016

    Trying to figure out what ntstatus=22220016 means.  Anyone seen this before?  I find other status numbers in these forums but not this particular number. 
    Kevin Twingstrom
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  • Citrix ADC flaw - no QID yet - CVE-2019-19781

    Hi all, i've raised a ticket #751285 for this urgent flaw in Citrix ADC/Netscaler, for which a mitigating control can be implemented.   Mitigation Steps for CVE-2019-19781    Thanks, Tony
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  • Feature Request - Windows 10/2016+ Operating System Detection

    Please improve Operating System detection so that it shows the real build number instead of using the Windows 10 Feature codenames such as Redstone, Threshold etc.  All documentation as well should reflect the Bu...
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  • How can I get Reports to work?

    I'm using a trial (Consultant) version.  I have three test Windows 10 workstations with the cloud agent installed. Vulnerability scan are successfully being run and vulnerabilities are being reported to the conso...
    Peter Crane
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  • Tag devices that are missing patches

    I'm using Cloud Agent and the Patch Management module to find and deploy missing security patches. I'd like to apply a tag to all laptops that are missing a patch, but I only seem to do a search if it was a Vulnerabil...
    Kenneth Ord
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  • How Can I Remove Duplicate Systems?

    I have a few Virtual Machines I am testing with.  I installed the Cloud Agent on one machine and took a snapshot of it.  The machine was reporting Vulnerability data, Inventory, and Patch Data just fine....
    Peter Crane
    created by Peter Crane
  • How to create basic searches in CloudView

    Hi, I am looking to create a straightforward red\green dashboard to represent the current state of control compliance for our AWS accounts.   We have a number of items that are showing as none compliant but we ...
    Robert Barrow
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  • Qualys Cloud Agents not reporting to platform

    We are seeing a lot of cases where the Cloud Agent appears to be healthy on the machines, no errors in the logs and agent process running but when we check the platform they are not showing up. Aside from checking on ...
    Donal Scollan
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  • Anyone getting Invalid Reponse Code 0 From API Based Imports?

    Since 11/27 we are getting 'Invalid Response Code 0' returned to us during nightly imports thru our ServiceNow integration. The import does not fail completely but returns a small fraction of what we normally get form...
    created by QM_SSJ4
  • OS Upgrade with orphaned Vulnerabilities

    After an OS upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7 with the same ip address , The VAT's related to 7.6 are left open with out getting fixed records.  Do we know why?
    Saravanan Subramanian
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  • I'm not able to scan external IP subnet from qualys external scanner. not able to scan from the Qualys external Scanner.

    I'm not able to scan external IP subnet from qualys external scanner. As prompt an error host not alive.But, when i check through nmap it shown hosts are up....
    Sachin Kumar
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  • qualys reports vulnerability still exists even after the fix is applied

    We are investigating on the qualys report of weblogic vulnerabilities , however we are struggling to understand how Qualys cloud engine actually works. For example, QID 87333, Patch ID checked: weblogic server 12.2.1....
    lee wang
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  • PowerShell Version Detected

    Hi, i find the results output for QID 45254 PowerShell Detected on Host confusing. Why would it show two versions for the same EXE?   HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1\PowerShellEngine PowerShellVersion = 2.0...
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  • Installing the client with PowerShell (Invoke-Command)

    Hi!   Seems that the agent does not like to work well with Invoke-Command:   $QBlock = {param ($QlXarg) & "$using:InstallFolder\QualysCloudAgent.exe" $QlXarg} Invoke-command -Session $CSession -Scrip...
    Javier Santiago
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  • Cloud Agent Module and Activation Keys Question

    Hello,   Two questions which hopefully the community will be able to help with:   1.) If we were to deploy Cloud Agent using just the Asset Inventory function to all our assets, is there an easy way to sel...
    Michael Fowler
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  • Qualys error on Centos machine

    Hi, I have installed qualys on all my instances(K8s nodes) but those node are not detectable from Qualys fronted. I am checked the log and found the following error. Could you please help ?   2019-11-11 04:55:3...
    Kundan Thakur
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  • Cloud Agent Module Permissions

    Hello,  I am having issues locking down permissions on who can view\access the Cloud Agent module on Qualys. I followed their doc - Cloud Agent Permissions  No matter what type of user (reader, sca...
    Ike O
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  • Offline Scanner Password Reset

    Hi Guys   We currently have an Offline Scanner setup and require the password changed, I cannot see an option on the offline scanner settings or documentation to change the password.    Pleas...
    Junaid Mahomed
    created by Junaid Mahomed
  • cve-2019-7609

    cve-2019-7609 QID? 
    Michael Peele
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