• Installing Cloud Agent on VDI

    What is the best way to deploy the Qualys Cloud Agent in a Windows Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment? I don't want to have to reinstall the agent with a unique GUID each time a system is provisioned...?
    Scott Wilson
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  • Offline scanner setup failing

    "Error: AutoUpdate internal error 100 - please contact customer support"   Attempting to use the offline scanner but this message always comes up during personalization and the scanner never shows up in the clou...
    Shawn Rae
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  • Cloud Agent Returning Generic OS

    Anyone else seeing an increasing number of cloud agent assets with generic operating system values (ex: Windows)? I have over 1,000 in my account now. I've checked and they've completed both vulnerability and inventor...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Qualys Virtual Scanner Patching

    Does we need to patch the Qualys Virtual scanner Appliance or once it has been connected with the cloud account, the Qualys Cloud will automatically do that. Incase any kernel vulnerabilities are available in the Linu...
    Santhanakrishnan D
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  • Re-opened date in qualys report not available

    Hello All,   I am new to the qualys reporting this is related to the qualys VM scan. I receive the pdf and csv reports, but to investigate the reopened issues there is no re-opened date mentioned.   The re...
    Rick Fernandes
    created by Rick Fernandes
  • QualysAPI - List Cloud Agents call via Python - API version issue

    qualys api Qualys Community Qualys Cloud Platform      This is the working curl call: curl -u xx:yy -X "POST" -H "X-Requested-With: curl" -H "Content-Type: text/xml" --data-binary @file.xml "https://q...
    smita patankar
    created by smita patankar
  • Is there a way to exclude cloud agents from scans?

    We have several cloud agents that are in IP ranges that are being scanned by our scanner appliance. Rather than individually excluding each IP with a cloud agent is there an easier way to exclude all cloud agents from...
    Taylor P
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  • Cloud Agents Not Processing VM Scan Data

    I just noticed an issue in my subscription that I wanted to share with the larger community. We deployed 100k+ cloud agents a few months ago and everything seemed to be fine. We did notice, especially lately, that mos...
    Jordan Greene
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  • How to get reports for all applications (Non-OS level) vulnerabilities installed in systems.

    Hello, How to get reports for all applications (Non-OS level) vulnerabilities installed in systems. Thanks,
    Chidananda Dasari
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  • VMDR | Internal Network Scanning

    How we can do scanning of internal IP's using Qualys VMDR?
    Ashwani .
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  • Qualys Cloud Agent and Citrix Xen Server

    We have a large number of Citrix Xen servers with a re-provisioning process which happens nightly. We have the Qualys Cloud Agent baked into the image following the Cloud Agent guidelines. The problem we have is that ...
    Donal Scollan
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  • Is there a way to automate adding newly identified live hosts from a map scan to an already existing asset group?

    Hello Qualys Community! Is there a way to automate adding newly identified live hosts from a map scan to an already existing asset group? Screenshot of manual task attached.
    Frank Kyazze
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  • Why Qualys not using my Virtual scanner for External Application scan

    Hi Team, Why Qualys is not using my virtual scanner installed in my network to do the scanning my externally hosted Website and it uses it's own scanner installed on Cloud. Even I set the scanner appliance as my Virt...
    Santhanakrishnan D
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  • CentralProcessor\0 ProcessorNameString

    Any solutions to this items has been detected by Qualys. thanks in advance.   These vulnerabilities are known as: HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0 ProcessorNameString = Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6...
    hen john
    created by hen john
  • CA module on POD 2 has a weird issue

    Hello Community,   Anyone else seeing a weird issue in the CA module?  The issue is when I go into the CA module and sort the Last Checked In column for the oldest, all of my agents disappear.  If they...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • API access

    Hello   I've registered for an evaluation account and can run scans. Great! But the API documentation is not clear on whether an evaluation account can use the API, which is the purpose of my evaluation. ie $...
    John Baker
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  • REP Trial and unable to close windows

    Hi Folks:   First off, thank you to Qualys for deploying Remote Endpoint Protection to all of us!!  BUT: In test accounts or client accounts, when I click into ANYTHING inside SCA, I'm denied access AND wh...
    Ted Gardener
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  • Intermittent issues on WAS and SCA

    Has anyone seeing issues with WAS,SCA issues like error state, intermittent issues like reports go blank, looks like the product has many bugs.
    sandy bsasav
    created by sandy bsasav
  • How does the Cloud Agent update work in QGS?

    Hello Community,   We are setting up the Qualys Gateway Service and would like to know how to configure the Cloud Agent update.  Here are some of my questions:   Is this a configuration profile? How ...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • VMDR Question - What is Native Ticketing and Exception Management?

    Hello Community,   I read yesterday's Qualys Blog about VMDR.  They listed under #6 two things that caught my attention. Native Ticketing Exception Management   Currently the Native ticketing is the...
    Rusty Qualyz
    created by Rusty Qualyz