• Qualys error on Centos machine

    Hi, I have installed qualys on all my instances(K8s nodes) but those node are not detectable from Qualys fronted. I am checked the log and found the following error. Could you please help ?   2019-11-11 04:55:3...
    Kundan Thakur
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  • Cloud Agent Module Permissions

    Hello,  I am having issues locking down permissions on who can view\access the Cloud Agent module on Qualys. I followed their doc - Cloud Agent Permissions  No matter what type of user (reader, sca...
    Ike O
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  • Offline Scanner Password Reset

    Hi Guys   We currently have an Offline Scanner setup and require the password changed, I cannot see an option on the offline scanner settings or documentation to change the password.    Pleas...
    Junaid Mahomed
    created by Junaid Mahomed
  • cve-2019-7609

    cve-2019-7609 QID? 
    Michael Peele
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  • Friday Question: What's My Platform?

    We recently updated the What's My Platform page, and added the API Server URLs and API Gateway URLs.   One other change we plan to make is to add a link to the Qualys Platform URLs Whitelist, which helps yo...
    Robert Dell'Immagine
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  • I'm not able to scan external IP subnet from qualys external scanner. not able to scan from the Qualys external Scanner.

    I'm not able to scan external IP subnet from qualys external scanner. As prompt an error host not alive.But, when i check through nmap it shown hosts are up....
    Sachin Kumar
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  • Qualys Scan on Demand not working

    Adding the following registry key and value initiates the scan on demand on some computers. I t immediately changes to "2" (scan in progress) and then "0" (scan complete), but there are compu...
    Aaron Frades
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  • Installation Date Qualys Agent

    Good day Qualys Community,   Does anyone knows how to obtain the date when the Qualys agent is installed on a machine? I haven´t figured if this is possible.   Thanks for the support!!
    Mario Camarena
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  • Cloud Agent Mac 2.3.2 compatibility with macOS Catalina (10.15) and Supplemental Update

    Background Qualys Engineering certifies available Cloud Agent versions on developer, beta, preview, and pre-release versions of upcoming operating system releases in order to announce compatibility when the GA versio...
    Chris Carlson
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  • Qualys Cloud Agent for MacOS Catalina

    Hi,   MacOS has release new version of OS 10.15 Catalina, as per the Qualys CA documentation I do not find details if Qualys Cloud Agent is compatible with version.  Can Qualys confirm we can we expect this...
    Navoday Mudike
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  • Filtered ports

    If the port on the host is filtered, does the qualys scan try to get information of the port by continuously hitting.
    Amit Chawat
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  • Deploying Scanner on Azure Classic VM

    Hello Everyone!   We are planning to deploy a scanner on Azure Classic deployment. Can anyone give me setup instruction? I can't seem to find one online. Also, Is it possible to deploy the scanner to an existing...
    John Kevin Sinchioco
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  • Search List QIDs with RCE (Remote Code Execution)

    I would like to filter out all the vulnerabilities that contain remote code execution only. Is this possible? . I tried Vulnerability Details field but I’m not sure if the most effective.
    Giannis Kritikos
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  • QID-100388  with QG Agent

    HI IT Security   I see Qualys has released a QID-100388 for CVE-2019-1367 but I don't see it has detected any vulnerabilities on Windows 10 OS with QG VM Agent running since the QID released time, has this ...
    Navoday Mudike
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  • QSC Vegas 2019?

    I'm curious if there's any details on QSC 2019 Vegas? Is this still happening this year? Thank you.
    Progressive Danny
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  • Cloud Agent scan and Knowledge Base

    Hello, Do I need to include the Knowledge Base in my subscription if I want to use Cloud Agents (VM)? Thanks Frederic
    Frederic Jullien
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  • Can the cloud agent be run at the hypervisor level?

    Can the cloud agent be run at the hypervisor level for VMWare or do I need to install a separate agent on each virtual machine?
    Joseph Cates
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  • Can I Change Firewall Ports for Qualys Gateway Service Virtual Appliance ?

    Qualys Gateway Service   How can the firewall ports that this uses to communicate with : a) Qualys Cloud Platform b) Qualys CLoud Agents ...be controlled , on the QGS virtual appliance, final beta ??   ...
    Joseph Rose
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  • credentialed vs non-credentialed scans

    If you are doing a credentialied scan (a host scan), then there is less load on the network and presumably you get better information back such a registry scan information and file attribute information. However, if...
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  • User Permission

    Hi guys, is there any way to create a user with permission to a module without giving permission to VM or PC module?   I would like to create a user with only permission to AssetView.   Thanks!
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