Jeff Leggett

Qualys Cloud Platform 8.15 (VM/PC) API notification 1

Blog Post created by Jeff Leggett Employee on Jul 23, 2018

A new release of Qualys Cloud Suite, Version 8.15, this version # applies to Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) and Policy Compliance (PC), includes an updated API which is targeted for release in August 2018. The specific day will differ depending on the platform. See platform release dates on the Qualys Status page. This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API, allowing you to identify use cases that can leverage this updated API. Please refer to the detailed release notes attached to this notification for more information.

What's new

Posture Profile API - DTD Change for show_remediation_info /api/2.0/fo/compliance/posture/info/

In the Posture Profile Information DTD the V value in element <!ELEMENT TP (LABEL, V+)> replaced with <!ELEMENT TP (LABEL, V*)> to ensure that the validation does not fail. This is an optional value.

Posture Profile API - New Parameter to Show Cause of Failure  
We added a new parameter to the Posture Profile API to show the cause of failure for CIDs.


New EC2 Information in the Host Based Report  /api/2.0/fo/report
You will now see three new fields: Account ID, Region Code and Subnet ID in host based reports when you create your report using the Scan or PCI Scan template with the EC2 Related Information option checked.