Tim White

Qualys Cloud Suite 8.6 API Release Notification

Blog Post created by Tim White on Sep 15, 2015

A new release of Qualys Cloud Suite, Version 8.6, includes an API update which is targeted for release in October 2015.


This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API changes in Qualys 8.6, allowing you to proactively identify any changes that might be required for your automated scripts or programs that utilize the API methods.


This release includes six features with changes to XML, CSV output, and/or DTD which could impact existing API implementations.  Notification about other new API features along with additional details and examples will be posted prior to the release.


For details about the changes, please see the attached detailed release notification below.  Full release notes will be available to customers on the day of the release.


Summary of Changes:

Select Scanner Appliances using Asset Tags - With this release you can use asset tags to select scanner appliances for your scans.  The related scan and schedule API v2 (/api/2.0/fo/scan/, /api/2.0/fo/schedule/scan/, /api/2.0/fo/appliance/) have been updated to support this new feature.  There are several new API requests and related XML output as well as a change to the appliance list output DTD (appliance_list_output.dtd).


Appliance List Output - Running Slices Count added - We’ve updated the appliance list output to tell you if an appliance is available or busy.  The Appliance API v2 (api/2.0/fo/appliance/) has been updated along with related XML output.  A new section has been added to the Appliance List Output DTD (appliance_list_output.dtd).


User List Output - Timezone Code added - The User List v1 API (/msp/user_list.php) lets you view the users in the subscription. The user list output now includes the timezone code selected for each user - either the browser’s timezone (Auto) or a user-selected timezone (e.g., US-NY). The XML output and User List Output DTD (user_list_output.dtd) have been updated.


Scan List Output - Target No Longer Truncated - We will now show the full list of target IPs in the output when you make a scan list request.  The Scan API v2 (/api/2.0/fo/scan/) and related XML output have been updated.


VM - Download the KnowledgeBase to CSV, XML - You can download the KnowledgeBase in the same way you download other data lists from the UI.  The output is provided in CSV or XML.


PC - Display reference information in reports - With this release you can view the Reference information for controls in Policy Compliance and Compliance Interactive reports. The XML output and several DTDs have updates (individual_host_compliance_report.dtd, control_pass_fail_report.dtd).