Tim White

Qualys Cloud Suite 8.3 API Release Notification

Blog Post created by Tim White on Nov 25, 2014

A new release of Qualys Cloud Suite, Version 8.3, includes an API update which is targeted for release in December 2014.


This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API changes in Qualys Cloud Suite 8.3, allowing you to proactively identify new opportunities to automate your Qualys service or to integrate with other applications.

Please review the attached document below for more details about the 8.3 API Features.


Full release notes will be available to customers on the day of the release.


API Enhancements

New Authentication Vault API v2: The new Vault API (/api/2.0/fo/vault) allows you to manage authentication vaults for authentication records that use them. Using this API you can list vaults, create new vaults, update and view vault settings, and delete vaults. Permissions: Managers, Unit Managers and Scanners can view vaults and their settings. Managers can perform more functions (create, update, delete). Unit Managers can perform these functions if they are granted the permission "Create/edit authentication records/vaults".


What is the <baseurl>?

This is the API server URL where your Qualys account is located. For an account on US Platform 1, this is <qualysapi.qualys.com>; on US Platform 2, this is <qualysapi.qg2.apps.qualys.com>; on EU Platform, this is <qualysapi.qualys.eu>.