Eric Perraudeau

QualysGuard 7.8 API Notification

Blog Post created by Eric Perraudeau on Jan 21, 2013

A new release of QualysGuard, Version 7.8, will be available in production by the end of February 2013. The final date has not been determined yet, but this release contains changes to the APIs and DTDs that requires a 30-day notification. More information specific to this release, including the date of global availability, will be communicating 2 weeks before the release date via the Release Notification pages here:


This API notification provides an early preview into the coming API changes, allowing you to proactively figure out any changes that might be required for your automated scripts or programs that use the following functions or XML outputs:

  • Improvements of “VM Scan” API v1 for Asset Tag Selection


Warning: all the examples provided below use “”. Replace this FQDN by the API server FQDN of your QualysGuard datacenter (for instance: “”).


Improvements of “VM Scan” API v1 for Asset Tag Selection

With QualysGuard 7.8, XML scan results show tags resolved to host assets when Asset Tagging is enabled for the subscription and a user runs a report using asset tags.


This XML output can be downloaded manually using the User Interface, or directly using the API "scan_report.php" and the DTD "scan-1.dtd" was updated:

  • New "<ASSET_TAG_LIST>" "<INCLUDED_TAGS> " "<EXCLUDED_TAGS>" and "<ASSET_TAGS>" XML parent elements have been introduced as shown in the example below:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <SCAN value="scan/1358557999.1111"> 
  <KEY value="USERNAME">fnmet_ff</KEY>
  <KEY value="COMPANY"><![CDATA[FNJmeter]]></KEY>
  <KEY value="DATE">2013-01-19T01:15:17Z</KEY>
  <KEY value="TITLE"><![CDATA[EC2 Auth Scan]]></KEY>
  <KEY value="TARGET"><![CDATA[...]]></KEY>
  <KEY value="DURATION">00:05:17</KEY>
  <KEY value="SCAN_HOST">VPC0000-1 ...</KEY>
  <KEY value="NBHOST_ALIVE">3</KEY>
  <KEY value="NBHOST_TOTAL">8</KEY>
  <KEY value="REPORT_TYPE">On-demand EC2 (default option profile)</KEY>
  <KEY value="OPTIONS"><![CDATA[...]]></KEY>
    <INCLUDED_TAGS scope="any">
      <ASSET_TAG><![CDATA[EC2 Scannable hosts ...]]></ASSET_TAG>
    <EXCLUDED_TAGS scope="all">
      <ASSET_TAG><![CDATA[Ignore EC2 Assets Ta...]]></ASSET_TAG>
    <OPTION_PROFILE_TITLE option_profile_default="1"><![CDATA[Initial Options]]></OPTION_PROFILE_TITLE>


Full release notes will be available to customers from within the Resources section of your QualysGuard account.