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A new release of QualysGuard®, Version 6.23, will be available in production in the US on Tuesday, December 13th 2011 and in the EU on Thursday, December 15th 2011. This release is completely transparent to users and will require no scheduled downtime.


QualysGuard 6.23 includes a number of API enhancements. This notification provides an early preview of these API enhancements, allowing you to make any changes to automated scripts or code that utilize the following APIs:



Knowledge Base APIV2: Vendor and Product Info Included in XML Output

The KnowledgeBase API V2(/api/2.0/fo/knowledge_base/vuln/?action=list) allows API users to download a list of vulnerabilities from Qualys’ KnowledgeBase. Authorized QualysGuard users have the ability to download vulnerability data using the KnowledgeBase API V2. Please contact Qualys Support or your sales representative if you would like to obtain authorization for your subscription.



Deprecated Control Flag Added to Compliance DTDs

As part of an effort to improve and simplify the technical controls used in the Policy Compliance application, several controls have been deprecated and new controls are available to replace them. Using the Policy Editor within the QualysGuard user interface users can add only the latest, non-deprecated controls to their policies. While editingpolicies, users have the option to replace deprecated controls with the replacement controls.


Support for Service Identifier in Oracle Records

With this release, API users can identify an Oracle database instance within an Oracle authentication record using an Oracle service name or a SID. The Oracle authentication API (/api/2.0/fo/auth/oracle/) is used to create, edit and list Oracle authentication records.


API Support for IPv6 Asset Management and Scanning

IPv6 Support is a subscription-level option that must be enabled for your subscription by Qualys Support in order to start managing and scanning IPv6 hosts. Please contact Support if you would like this feature to be enabled for your subscription. Using the new IPv6 Asset API (/api/2.0/fo/asset/ip/v4_v6/) Manager users have the ability to manage IPv6 mapping records. Each IPv6 mapping record associatesone IPv4 address with an IPv6 address in your network.


IPv6 Address Added to Host List Detection DTD

The host list detection DTD (host_list_vm_detection_output.dtd) includes a new, optional <IPV6> element. The <IPV6> element has been added to the <HOST> section.For each host included in host list detection output, the host IPv6 address appears when the IPv6 feature is enabled for the subscription and the IPv6 address is defined in an IPv4 to IPv6 mapping record. Please contact Qualys Support or your sales representative ifyou would like to enable this feature for your subscription.




Full details regarding these XML changes are available within the Qualys community at:



API release notes will be available to customers from within the Resources section of your QualysGuard account. To receive more information on QualysGuard 6.23, please visit the Qualys Community at or contact your Technical Account Manager or Qualys' Technical Support Department at


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