• How to maintain authentication records?  Best Practices?

    Qualys provides a mechanism to associate an Asset Tag to a host, based on several *single* criteria.  You can even combine these multiple criteria for tagging using Groovy scripting (which they don't recommend us...
    Jake VanMast
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  • Authentication Record Lookup

    The host detection API provides a lot of great information like last scan time and last authentication scan time.   However, it sure would be nice if there was an API way to associate which authentication record...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • Raw Scan vs Host Based Findings Report

    I am seeing a significant difference in records when I compare a Host Based Findings Report to downloading a Raw Scan.   Both the Raw Scan and Host Based Findings Report are based on the same (1) asset group and...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • API Endpoint to retrieve VM scan status

    Hi,all     Is there any API endpoint to know if my VM scan is finished or is being processed by giving scan reference as input i.e to retrieve its status. It's there in web application module (WAS) module. ...
    Ahmer A
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  • Does anybody have experience with integrating API directly with Oracle?

    We would like to daily pull our vulnerability data from our Qualys platform in the cloud to our local Oracle instance. Ideally, the solution will use the scheduler feature in SQL Developer to trigger an API call and ...
    Hippo Kant
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  • API to check for all Cancelled Scans

    Hi Guys   Does anyone have an API script to check for all cancelled scans in a subscription?   Thanks J
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • How can API be accessed with SAML credentials?

    The Qualys API can be accessed using the Qualys user name and password. How about if our organization is using SAML? The user credentials we use for logging in are AD users and not really Qualys users. They are howeve...
    Marsha Hayne
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  • Autotask integration

    Hi just wondered if anyone had managed to get the remediation tickets to sync with the Autotask ticketing system please and would mind pointing me in the right direction??   Thank you
    Glen Lynam
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  • Powershell to count total Vulnerabilities

    First of all, the big deal here is that you don't have to download the entire knowledge base, which is what I was told by Support. NOT TRUE.   I've been working on some Powershell to parse reports for a bit now,...
    Nate Olsen
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  • Download Ports & services CSV report using API

    I am trying to download the Ports & services CSV report using API. however it is not working. I am able to list the vulnerability database. so i know that my API connection is working.   https://qualysg...
    Anand Ramapathy
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  • Integration with Qualys Cloud for Threat Intelligence

    We are trying to integrate one 3rd party tool which sends the data related to the IOCs and Threats to the Qualys Cloud Platform for one of our customers. The integration which we are planning to build is similar to th...
    Nirav Kelaiya
    created by Nirav Kelaiya
  • Qualys API Call

    Hi   I wanted to know how can we see an "API" instance call made in the background in a test environment, with instance ID etc...How can we see this on Qualys cloud platform console? Is this a possibility, of se...
    Gaz H
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  • Report Scheduling Using API

    In the API v2 User Guide I see that you can relaunch a scheduled report but I don't see any way to create a new scheduled report using the API.  Is there an API call for doing this, or do reports have to be sched...
    Anna Little
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  • How to add IP addresses to domain using the API

    Hi,   I am trying to add a list of single IP addresses to an asset domain using the API. Looking at the API documentation I found how to add and edit an asset domain. Unfortunately the example is not clear if I ...
    Andy Freitag
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  • QPS API calls not returning?

    After the API performance fixes last week, is anyone else having issues with QPS API calls not returning? https://qualysapi.qgX.apps.qualys.com/qps/rest/2.0/uninstall/am/hostasset <?xml version="1.0" encoding="...
    Jake VanMast
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  • API to get paused scan result which has been processed

    Hi,   In my api, I have parameter 'processed':1 to get all the scans whose results have been processed. But they only give out results for scans which have been completed and processed. I do not have any va...
    Rohil S
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  • Possible to stop the DTD being returned with XML ?

    I'm using a new tool to pull data from the API and it prohibits the inclusion of DTD info when inputting the XML, as a security measure. Is there a way to pull XML without the DTD being included ? Example API call i...
    Damian OHara
    created by Damian OHara
  • Qualys API - List Assets by Vulnerability Title

    Howdy all,   I've trawled through the API documentation and the community and can't seem to find an answer to what I thought would be something simple. Currently when I want to see how many assets contain a vul...
    Robert Williams
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  • Qualys WAS selenium script authentication failure-API

    Hi There, I'm trying to run a Qualys WAS scan using selenium script for authentication record. When I try to launch the scan using API, the scan works but the authentication status is failure. However, if I use the s...
    Ritik Saxena
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  • Update Host Asset API Call

    Anyone have any luck updating multiple hosts with one xml?   Background: Trying to write a script to rename hosts where the name doesn't match the hostname or netbios name since Qualys hasn't provide a bett...
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