• Qualys Integration with Bigfix

    Hi All,   I am looking for Qualys and BigFix Integaration can any person help ?   Also for the overview Bigfix integration with other tools happen with REST API - that uses command line/ power shell script...
    Deepak Batra
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  • Report Schedule Info API

    Is there any api by which I can download all the info of report schedule? for example distribution list, target IPs/asset groups etc? 
    Arijit Dey
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  • Anyone having API internal server errors today?

    Hello,   We are getting sporadic API errors like below:   <!DOCTYPE GENERIC_RETURN SYSTEM "https://qualysguard.qg2.apps.qualys.com/generic_return.dtd"> <GENERIC_RETURN> <API name="ticket_l...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Download a PDF format report to local by APIs...

    Hi Experts:   An engineer in other department set up some scheduled scan.  I was granted a account and able to download the PDF report on Web GUI through Scans->Scans->select the scan->Download->...
    Jayden Ye
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  • User creation API Commands

    Good Day    I checked the forum and documentation perhaps I missed it,  However I need to be able to execute the following settings for qualys user creation via API.    Enable SAML  ...
    Kevin Ryan
    created by Kevin Ryan
  • Error While Accessing Report via API

    Getting this below Error While accessing this api- https://servername/qps/rest/3.0/get/was/report/1302�    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ServiceResponse xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/...
    atul kumar
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  • Get last scan job for a schedule through API

    Hi,   Is there a way to get the last scan reference for a schedule scan job through API?   My goal is to get the last scan reference of the scan schedule I ran. Filtering through target parameter does not ...
    Rohil S
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  • Assign Configuration Profile to Agent via API?

    I have been looking in the Cloud Agent API guide and do not see an API call to assign a configuration profile to an agent. Does this functionality exist in the API?
    Joey Cusimano
    created by Joey Cusimano
  • API to find successful scanned hosts per VM scan

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a way I can find the list of successfully scanned hosts per VM scan through api. Regards Narendra.R
    Narendra Ramakrishna
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  • Curl command to read from file ?? More efficent

    Good Day,    I am by no means a developer but through trial and error along with reading many of the posts manuals have gotten comfortable tackling api calls using the simple old curl command.    ...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Authentication Record Lookup

    The host detection API provides a lot of great information like last scan time and last authentication scan time.   However, it sure would be nice if there was an API way to associate which authentication record...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • How to add the <HOST><ID> to host based reports?

    Does anybody know if it is possible to add the <HOST><ID> field to the host based reports?   I realize this can be accomplished using the host detection API, but I have many use cases that would bene...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • Change the Password using API

    Hello,     I am looking for the option to change the password using API, but couldn't find the details in the guide. Is there any way to change the password using API?
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  • How to maintain authentication records?  Best Practices?

    Qualys provides a mechanism to associate an Asset Tag to a host, based on several *single* criteria.  You can even combine these multiple criteria for tagging using Groovy scripting (which they don't recommend us...
    Jake VanMast
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  • Raw Scan vs Host Based Findings Report

    I am seeing a significant difference in records when I compare a Host Based Findings Report to downloading a Raw Scan.   Both the Raw Scan and Host Based Findings Report are based on the same (1) asset group and...
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • API Endpoint to retrieve VM scan status

    Hi,all     Is there any API endpoint to know if my VM scan is finished or is being processed by giving scan reference as input i.e to retrieve its status. It's there in web application module (WAS) module. ...
    Ahmer A
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  • Does anybody have experience with integrating API directly with Oracle?

    We would like to daily pull our vulnerability data from our Qualys platform in the cloud to our local Oracle instance. Ideally, the solution will use the scheduler feature in SQL Developer to trigger an API call and ...
    Hippo Kant
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  • API to check for all Cancelled Scans

    Hi Guys   Does anyone have an API script to check for all cancelled scans in a subscription?   Thanks J
    Junaid Mahomed
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  • How can API be accessed with SAML credentials?

    The Qualys API can be accessed using the Qualys user name and password. How about if our organization is using SAML? The user credentials we use for logging in are AD users and not really Qualys users. They are howeve...
    Marsha Hayne
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  • Autotask integration

    Hi just wondered if anyone had managed to get the remediation tickets to sync with the Autotask ticketing system please and would mind pointing me in the right direction??   Thank you
    Glen Lynam
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