• Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"

    Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"?
    Sam Friday
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  • Api call to evaluate tags

    Good Day,    I am following the directions on page 36 of https://www.qualys.com/docs/qualys-asset-management-tagging-api-v2-user-guide.pdf    However,  the command never seems to finish...
    Kevin Ryan
    created by Kevin Ryan
  • HTTP 429: Too Many Requests? WTH?

    API 429 Error I've finally gotten the Bearer Token worked out to get data from the Global Asset Inventory. It appears that I'm able to authenticate, but I can't get the asset API to respond with anything other than 4...
    Nate Olsen
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  • API Cert Expiration

    Is there a way to pull in certificate expiration date information, as well as specific issues with the domain you're checking?  I have a test domain, as an example, that is expired, and the certificate name doesn...
    Jerad Riggin
    created by Jerad Riggin
  • Open Source JDK vs Oracle Sun JDK

    Hi all, i've had a question from our dev team who liaise with vendors to ask whether we're better off with either of the above two products from a vulnerability perspective.   AFAIK, Open Source JDK simply borro...
    created by Chalky_White
  • qualysapi pypi package synced to github

    Now using Github Actions to automatically sync the Github qualysapi package to pypi. PRs welcome!
    Parag Baxi
    created by Parag Baxi
  • API search/was/finding result does not reflect documentation

    Hi everybody,   I am trying to collect confirmed vulnerabilities from all scanned applications. According to documentations page 357 I use filter <ServiceRequest>    <filters&...
    Jan Macek
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  • API Use Case - Scanning Assets with Dynamic IPs

    Hi all,   We recently had a request from a customer to help with an operational challenge and we were able to offer help using APIs. I would like to share with you the approach and hopefully get your feedback. ...
    Tarek Naja
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  • How to pull a volume of simple Agent data ?

    On a subscription we have 33,000 cloud agents. Many have their host name changed after agent is installed meaning a mismatch between agent-based name and NetBIOS/DNS names reported to Qualys. You can find these mismat...
    Damian OHara
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  • Device Bulk Update

    I've got several thousand devices I am trying to add static tags to via the API. Is there any way to do a bulk update of devices for adding/removing tags?
    Justin Frazier
    created by Justin Frazier
  • API / Connecting Tickets to Assets

    Hi,   We have developed a download of the tickets and other information i.e. Assets, tags etc.  For some reason, the AssetID is not contained within any API query from Qualys that we can find for the ticket...
    R Ma
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  • POC for CVE-2018-16865/CVE-2018-16866 not working

    The System Down POC on the advisory site Security Advisories | Qualys, Inc. is not working. I am a security researcher trying to replicate the vulnerability. However, the POC failed both on Debian 9.6 and Ce...
    Jasper Al
    created by Jasper Al
  • Duplicate asset purging

    Are there any API calls or custom scripts to identify duplicate assets in Qualys?  I'm sure we're all familiar with the situation where you'll find an asset which is DNS-tracked and one which is IP-tracked, and I...
    David G
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  • API - Script to Auto-download reports to S3

    I would be surprised that i'm first one to do this... I see number of questions that indicate similar requests...   So, what i'm trying to do is: Python script that would:  a. List all available reports t...
    Jaguar _
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  • PC API query for compliance posture is not returning results for the last 2 days

    Hi   We had a working query and out of the sudden, it is not working anymore. And I have no idea what is the problem with it. This for the policy compliance posture.  Original query:   curl -u "Usern...
    Attila Horvath
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  • VM Dashboard Customization

    Hello All,   Is there any way we can customize VM dashboard for only a set of asset groups/tags ?   We don't want to see vulnerabilities in few machines which are excluded from reporting in the dashboard.
  • What is the API call for "very" first scan date?

    Below is a screen shot of the asset search report for a (particular host).  Notice, there is a First Found date.   What is the API command to find the First Found date of when a host was first scanned?  
    Johnny Shaieb
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  • Script to tag ip adresses from a csv file

    I have a csv files which have ip adresses and other information i want to have in qualys   I want tag the ip address qualys with the additional informations Have somebody a script sample to do it ?
    Hans-Juergen Kreutzer
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  • Unique Record via Posture info API

    We are running Posture info API call to update compliance data on Archer. Currently we started adding multiple Asset Groups to Policy to ensure that assets are not getting missed.  Issue: When a host is part of ...
    Rizwan Bedekar
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  • Cheap way to download live hosts from scan_ref

    Is there a way to download the live host count without downloading the entire scan results? The scan results have them: <KEY value="NBHOST_ALIVE">14</KEY>
    Parag Baxi
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