• APIs and TAG Groups

    Hello All,   Can somebody help regarding the following:     The plan is to do the following:   Step #1- Create an API call to create a TAG Group Step #2- Create an API call to add a list o...
    Elias Diab
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  • API Call to export tag details

    Hi All   totally new to API but was wondering if anyone here had as simple script to export all my asset view tags, especially the tag rule part as i am doing a subscription merge and would prefer to not have to...
    Michael Fennell
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  • API to change user defined password

    I know that Qualys API /msp/password_change.php initiates and provides the password back in XML.  But I would like to use a password of my own to set than something generated by the system. I do not find API...
  • AssetView Static tag API

    We are looking to use an ingestion spreadsheet to collect IP's and provide tagging assets in AssetView.   From the API documentation it appears we cannot tag an asset until the Asset has a host ID which has to b...
    Nick Diniz
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  • Problems accessing Asset View / Asset Management API

    Dear Qualys Community   I'm reaching out to you concerning issues I have with accessing the AssetView / Asset Management API.   I can use the v1 and v2 VM/PC API without any problems. When trying to ...
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  • Troubleshooting Qualys API

    This document is intended to help customers isolate API issues and provide sufficient evidence to Qualys Support for quick resolution.  The API examples are from the Host List Detection; however, other API endpoi...
    Spencer Brown
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  • qualysapi, Python Qualys API package

    Note: This is unsupported code. Updates Looking for a new owner! Any volunteers? Summary Python package, qualysapi, that makes calling any QualysGuard API very simple. QualysGuard API versions v1, v2, & WAS &...
    Parag Baxi
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  • API Scan -Search the id of the last scan

    Hi,   is there a way to make an API call request to search for the last scan in the list I want response post to display the ID of the last successful scan   example :  curl -u "username:password -H...
    Fayçal Kebbati
    created by Fayçal Kebbati
  • Is there an API to get only the number of vulnerabilities for asset (or similar)?

    Hi all, I have a simple question: Is there an api (in asset management, vulnerability management or global it asset management) where can you get the number of vulnerabilities for each severity, for each asset? ...
    created by giacomor
  • Is there an API to list Gateway Service Appliances?

    I've setup two Gateway Service appliances. I would like to script an API call to list the appliances in my subscription and check the appliance status for monitoring purposes. I can do this with the scanner appliances...
    created by hawk91
  • AM Asset deletion vs Host List Purging

    In trying to figure out the best way to clean stale assets, I've been digging around for information on the difference between Asset Deletion in the Asset Management API vs Purging via the Host List API.  So far,...
    David G
    created by David G
  • Error accessing option_profile API

    I am trying to use option_profile API. i am getting an error while I hit the end point. The error says "curl: (6) Could not resolve host: action=export"   my curl input is  curl -u "USERID/PASSWORD" -H "X...
  • With API, pulling ID from a given DNS name

    So, this seems pretty basic, but I've been unable to find a way to do this.  We have automation in place to perform validations and purging for our environment after assets have gone stale, but we also need to pe...
    David G
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  • When are scan data available for report generation ?

    Hi,   we're developing an automated virtual machine creation procedure, one of the final quality control test is a powershell script that triggers a Qualys security scan of the newly generated vm, parses the rep...
    Andrea Cuozzo
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  • API v2 with Powershell 3.0 Invoke-RestMethod

    API v2 is a RESTful API, and starting with Powershell 3.0 InvokeRestMethod provides a smooth native method for making REST calls. Here I will present a script which retrieves the list of reports from Qualys, selects t...
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  • Api call to evaluate tags

    Good Day,    I am following the directions on page 36 of https://www.qualys.com/docs/qualys-asset-management-tagging-api-v2-user-guide.pdf    However,  the command never seems to finish...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Is it possible to create Notification Emails with HTML Elements?

    I would like to create an HTML mail to include more visualization for report notifications. Is there a way to do it? I tried to include HTML code in the notification text field of scheduled reports, but it is interpre...
    Marian Gawron
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  • API not returning anything but status code 200 OK code and header/tags etc.

    I am beginning to use the Qualys API and am seeing success in authentication and using sessions to pull API endpoints but it seems I am only gathering the same information everytime I run the API.  I am using Win...
    Greg Gelman
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  • How to get all of my assets that are vulnerable for a CVE using the API?

    Hi,   How can I get all of my assets that are vulnerable for a specific CVE using the Qualys API? I read through the API documentation and didn't see a way to do it. The only methods I found are similar to the o...
    Valentin Todorov
    created by Valentin Todorov
  • How to create multiple asset groups at once?

    vm api asset group qualys api asset groups   Is it possible to create multiple asset groups at once via api post request and csv of asset group names and ip ranges? I think this is possible using...
    Nathan Bennett
    created by Nathan Bennett