• API Gateway - Application API Docs (Swagger)

    Module Version API Gateway Documentation FIM 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v1   FIM 2 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v2 ITAM/AI 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apid...
    Laura Seletos
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  • LogRhythm and Qualys integration

    Hi. I want to Intergrate LogRhythm and Qualys. Can some help on how to do it. I got the documentation of the integration already. All I need now is what to do on the actual integration. A video knowledge base would he...
    Chester Chirenje
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  • Python script

    Hi, has anyone written a python script that is able to edit authentication records?   We are looking to use a script to connect to the EU1 platform, generate a report of a single type of authentication record th...
    Steve Harris
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  • Tagging By Asset Group

    Hello everybody,   I'm trying to find assets that aren't in 4 of the groups we use for scheduling our scans. I assumed that tagging would be the best way using a Groovy Script but if I'm totally honest I have no...
    Dan Salt
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  • Integration With Lumeta

    Hi Fellow Forumers,   I'm looking to feed our Qualys findings into Lumeta. Has any one done this and can offer tips? Lumeta is asking for a server name and not sure which name it expects but no matter what we tr...
    Chris Jones
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  • Types of Scanner & Lumeta Spectre

    Hi All,   I'm currently trying to integrate our Qualys subscription with Lumeta and having a number of issues:   1. Lumeta are asking for Qualys Scanner and Qualys Detection Scanner details. Are these not ...
    Chris Jones
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  • Need to tag a server with a QID using GROOVY

    I need to know the name of the field that contains the server 's name, I already have the QID piece....actually a complete list of all fields would be helpful for futher groovy scripting...
    Tom Fillmore
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  • Integrate Qualys with BeyondTrust (password safe)

    Good day, Does anyone know if there is a Qualys integration guide with BeyondTrust?
    orlando sánchez
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  • Get Vulns from KB API by QIDs

    Hi,   I'm trying to use the KB API to get the vulnerability information based on the returned QIDs from the "detection" API. I want to obtain only the vulnerabilities of the assets exploded by the QIDs, but I h...
    Zack Gratzi
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  • Asset Tagging API Examples

    Was helping a customer tonight with some Tagging API calls.  Sharing back for future reference.   Creating Tags with the API  Customer wants to tag host assets with a custom set of tags.  To creat...
    Jeff Leggett
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  • which API should i use to get all the vulnerabilities including application server & policy?

    Hi,   I am looking for the API to fetch all the vulnerabilities including database, application server, policy etc.   Thanks, Kartik
    kartik patra
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  • Same Vulnerability on two different ports

    Hi,    Which API should i be using to extract the "port" that the Vulnerability has been detected on? I have the same Vulnerability on two different ports for the same asset:     I am currently...
    steve Turner
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  • Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel

    I'm using a powershell script from a monitoring tool to query ssllabs. Since a few weeks i see this error: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.   Since there was a load issue in dec...
    ronald van den berg
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  • Open Source JDK vs Oracle Sun JDK

    Hi all, i've had a question from our dev team who liaise with vendors to ask whether we're better off with either of the above two products from a vulnerability perspective.   AFAIK, Open Source JDK simply borro...
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  • Slack workspace

    Is there a slack workspace for the Qualys community?
    David G
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  • A way to remove the DTD response ?

    API calls in XML always give back the DTD lines. This hangs many 3rd party tools that could otherwise import Qualys XML directly. Is there any plan to provide an API option that removes the DTD from the response...
    Damian OHara
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  • Automating the tickets remediation with API request

    Hi Team,   Can we able to pull the remediation tickets in qualys VM platform using postman API client endpoint url to a share folder and create a script to move the tickets to an internal third party ticketing to...
    Raghav Gopal
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  • When and if QIDs are deployed to Cloud Agent

    Question about QIDs and when or if they will be deployed on the Cloud Agent.   QID 370384  for example was not seen as appearing in the KB as being available for the Cloud Agent. Is there a process where...
    lyn hines
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  • Selecting fields to download with Asset API Call ?

    Pulling the data from a large subscription using the detection API call results in a ton of data that we don't use just to get to that which we do ...   /api/2.0/fo/asset/host/vm/detection   I see that the...
    Damian OHara
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  • Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"

    Does anyone have a Powershell example of how they use the "Global IT Asset Inventory API"?
    Sam Friday
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