• Powershell with Qualys VM API

    After searching long on for information and examples of the Quayls VM API, I found there was lacking examples and information. So i am posting mine to maybe help some else.  Hope this helps the community. As alwa...
    Hun Pham
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  • --data-binary flag in Qualys API docs examples

    I have had this come up a few times and thought the answer would benefit all.  To answer your question, they need to use a HTTP POST and transmit the IPs in the body.  they can use --data-binary with the...
    Jeff Leggett
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  • Useful Qualys API and Powershell Blog Post

    Stuart Clarkson: Getting Qualys asset scan information via PowerShell 
    Jeff Leggett
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  • Is there an API for Qualys Service Status (to confirm uptime for our Platform and product APIs)?

    Is there an API that we can consume to check status for our Platform and application APIs?   If not, how do other devs check that the API is up and running?      What I am interested in is what is...
    Scott Dock
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  • Help:  Can not access v2 API with Basic Authentication

    I am able to access the WAS API via C# using Basic Authentication (base64 encoding of "username:password") with no problems at all.     However, that same logic (basic authentication with base64 encoding of...
    Scott Dock
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  • Map (Report) API

    Using the API, I have only been able to get MAP data.  What I am looking for is MAPREPORT data - the same that I download from the UI directly.   In the API docs, it does reference MAPREPORT and its XML str...
    Spencer Powers
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  • Fetch report which was launched by powershell

    Hi All,   We are trying to download the Qualys report using the Powershell script. I am having trouble in getting the "report ID", when the report is launched via PS1.   How to get it and auto add it to th...
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  • Splunk TA Connector

    I missed the small print that the connector does not work correctly on a Windows platform.   As these are just Python scripts has anyone been able to get the connector working on a Windows server?  The reas...
    Ken Kazinski
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  • Increase Powershell Memory

    To any of you writing Powershell to consume data from Qualys you may run into error with out of memory issues in Powershell.  I finally got feed up and determined it was the Powershell process that ran out of mem...
    created by Busby
  • Utilizing DTD with PowerShell

    Hello, I have a few PowerShell jobs that are utilizing the Qualys reports via the API (both v1 and v2).  I would prefer to use the XML results and have been having success there, but have not been able to get th...
    Tim Raadt
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  • Qualys WAS API Client - PrevQAPI

    Please see Will from PrevSec original post here https://discussions.qualys.com/thread/15833   Also, please read, download and view demo etc. here https://www.prevsec.com/prevqapi.html   This is pretty good...
    created by fmc
  • Asset Tagging API Example

    This thread has been replaced by Asset Tagging API Examples.
    Jeff Leggett
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  • New Perl SSLLabs API client library

    Hi all,   Just an announcement for a new Perl SSLLabs client library.   It can be found at https://metacpan.org/release/WebService-SSLLabs   Thoughts, comments, criticism welcome.   Cheers Dave
    David Dick
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  • Session Login/Logout

    Hello All,   I am writing a piece of C# code to get some data from QG.                          var...
    swayam rath
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  • WAS API Requests with PowerShell

    When I first started working with Qualys, I wanted to be able to use PowerShell to make API requests. I haven't been able to find a lot of pertinent information, so I started working on a set of scripts of my own. &#...
    Tim Seger
    created by Tim Seger
  • Multiple scanner appliance selector

    General Caveat:  this is horribly written and could be done better by holding in memory.   We have multiple scanner appliances and do most of our scanning via API / adhoc scans.  One of the issues we h...
    created by mcalvi
  • What have I not scanned?

    To discover hosts that have not been scanned, take the v2 IP list (/api/2.0/fo/asset/ip/) and subtract the v2 host list (/api/2.0/fo/asset/host/) from it.   You can configure this for PC scans only with the comp...
    Parag Baxi
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  • Found this powershell module handy

    For those that utilize the api this module is helpful.  Looks to be pretty fleshed out as far as functionality and includes an integration with a 3rd ticketing system.  Find it here: https://project500.squar...
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  • API - Report Purge script (Fully Commented)

    We have been creating API scripts to fully automate the Qualys experience. I will be posting them as time permits.   This script was meant to address an issue we come across occasionally as we meet our 500 MB si...
    Brandon Reeves
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  • Qualys Integration - A Quick Primer

    I posted this as a response to a question regarding how to integrate with Qualys. Here it is for future reference.   I will try to give some high level guidance regarding the steps. I created the solution here w...
    Brandon Reeves
    created by Brandon Reeves